2015 – The Best of WhackThePack

2015 Happy New YearI wrote a piece for the that looked back at the best posts for 2015. I’ve been asked to do a similar story here on WhackThePack.com so here it is!

Is there something you want us to cover later this year?

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The Top 10 Posts of 2015
(Based On Number of Views)

#10 – U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fighting Antismoking Measures

#9 – Truth In Advertising

#8 – E-Cigarettes Found To Harm Bystanders

#7 – E-Cigarettes DON’T Help Smokers Quit In The Long-Term

#6 – California Declares Vaping A Public Health Risk

#5 – Stop Smoking Using SmartQuit – Volunteers Needed!

#4 – The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

#3 – Scientists Say It Only Takes 66 Days To Change Your Life

#2 – How Quitting Smoking Changes Your Body

#1 – What Happens After You Say ‘I Quit’!

Is there something that we’ve not covered that you’re interested in?  Let us know… we’re always looking for suggestions!

Happy New Year!

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