The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, if you want to quit smoking, you’re better off with drug-based methods or behavior modification programs – not e-cigarettes. There isn’t enough evidence to support claims that e-cigs, which have been touted as the latest way to wean people off tobacco, can actually help people quit.

The data suggested that drugs that address nicotine’s effects on the body and NRT are better ways to quit. In addition, behavioral interventions, including support groups and counseling sessions, can boost quit rates from 7-13% compared to rates of 5-11% among those who don’t use them.

Dr. Francisco Garcia, director and chief medical officer of the Pima County Health Department in Arizona and member of the task force says, “We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of a menu of things to offer patients who want to quit smoking. But every individual is different; some might respond better to behavioral therapy, some might respond better to varenicline, some might feel nicotine replacement is important to bridge them away from tobacco use.”

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Linda Reid
8 years ago

What a load of TOSH!!! If electronic cigarettes aren’t the route and what you have suggested is, then why hasn’t this been implemented say, 50/60 years ago? There are 5 million people globally dying from the tar and other horrid ingredients in tobacco cigarettes, and nicotine can be found in hundreds of every day food groups! Your argument doesn’t stack up and you should give up the right of being a doctor and just become a scaremonger instead. Not only have I saved myself a lot of cash, but I’ve also improved my health drastically by vaping electronic cigarettes. Tell me why nicotine is so bad, yes it’s addictive I know, just like caffeine, but you should seriously take a look at the other 4000+ ingredients in a traditional cigarette. Therein, you will find the answer, not one vaper I know ever smoked for the taste of tobacco, but for the nicotine they were getting, and just like everything else if weaned off carefully (at one’s own leisure) then you take away the anxiety and the inconvenience (plus the cost) of focus groups. Get a grip and talk medicine, isn’t that what you’re paid for? PS: All these things you are championing have (at best) between a 3 and 7% of success…think on!

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