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A Deadly Love Affair – This Addiction Will Kill You

KTC Logo - OrangeA Deadly Love Affair – End it Today

As I write this, like most people who have come across the KTC Community, I am amazed that I am quit. I am blessed to be quit. And hopefully from reading this, you can also be quit.

I have been using some form of nicotine since I was 12 years old. I am now 36. Throughout the years I attempted to quit, but always made excuses to come crawling back. I made many promises throughout the years as I am sure most of you have also. My mother found out I was a smoker in my teens and tried to force me to quit, it didnt work. My high school sweetheart made me promise to quit, I promised, then lied, and broke her trust and her heart. When I got Married, I told my Wife that the one thing she could never do is force me to quit using tobacco. and as the years passed. I made promises to her also, then broke those promises. again more lies, more broken hearts and broken trust. I let this Love Affair with nicotine control my life and influence all of my decisions.

So what is different now? I now have the realization that this Love Affair is going to kill me. Before I would just ignore sore throats, mouth sores, and skin falling off of my cheeks all to shove some more poison into my mouth. I was tired of being a slave and knew I had to make a plan to quit nicotine. I had to make a choice. Life Or Death Decision Here

Man Up and quit or accept that fact that I am going to kill myself with nicotine.

So now I have made it to the HOF. 105 days quit today and with all of that being said, I am still a newbie in terms of quitting. This is an addiction that I know I will have to fight daily. And I know that being a member of the KTC community will help me stay quit. I am a member of the October Dumpster Fire of quitters. I am quit with Brown71, Coach_Baker, and BigShotRob. I am part of a community.

So for all of you who are wondering how this is done. There is no simple answer. This quit is hard, KTC wont quit for you. What KTC does is allow you to get advice from people who have already quit. Get support from those who are going through the same struggles with addiction as you. And allow you to vent your frustrations if needed. KTC also gives you accountability. You are going to make a promise to quit. A daily promise to your brothers and sisters of KTC that you wont use nicotine today.

I am Quit!!! If you are not quit Make the choice today to end your Love Affair with nicotine. Do not go another day being a slave. We are here to help

Choose life and Quit Today

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member maximus0752

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