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A Good Reminder of My Addiction

Good ReminderLike many people I park in a multi-level parking garage and then walk a couple of blocks to work.  Seeing as I’m a tad bit OCD I tend to park in the exact same spot on the exact same level every day.  For me, that’s the first spot on the 6th level.  I then take the elevator down to street level and walk a couple of blocks to work.  This morning there happened to be a couple of construction workers up on 6 that rode down with me.  I noticed that one of them was smoking as he walked toward the elevator.

Ohio is a smoke-free state these days meaning that if you’re in a public place there’s no smoking allowed.  This of course does not apply to being outside so Mr. Construction worker can blaze away until his heart’s content.  Which he continued to do, IN THE ELEVATOR!!!  Are you kidding me???  Not only did he not feel the need to put it out before going into the elevator but he continued to actively puff away as we rode down 6 flights.

And then I thought… was I so different?  Sure, I was a dipper rather than a smoker, but I can think of MANY times where I’d spit on the floor or Home Depot cause I had a dip in.  I can think of many times where I’d leave a spitter full of Kodiak sludge in a movie theater or in a class room.  I was an addict just like that guy.  The difference is today I’m free.  I’ve made my decision.

No dip today.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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  1. Chewie,

    Dead on. I USED to do things also. I’m free and quit with ya.

    Nogreenbear – Day 7
    no dip today

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