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An Update To Holt Tobacco Free Herbal Snuff

Holt Tobacco Free Herbal SnuffI’m a big fan of innovation.  Just because something is working doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as good as it’s going to get.  The makers of Holt Tobacco Free Herbal Snuff apparently believe the same thing as they’ve released an update to their Peppermint all herbal snuff.

You can read my previous review of Holt Tobaccoless Chew here, but if you’re not familiar with this Montana based smokeless alternative vendor there’s one thing that really sets them apart – their product is made from alfalfa leaves.  Yep… ALFALFA.


alfalfa leaves, water, honey, peppermint, cayenne pepper, ascorbic acid used as a preservative


Holt Chew IngredientsJust as the previous incarnation, Holt has a great smell when I opened the can.  The pros and cons are pretty much the same as they were back when I did my original review, but this version has cayenne pepper added to give it a bit more “bite” which is great.  The one thing that has always separated Holt from the others in my mind is how “soft” it feels in my mouth.  I’m thrilled to say that hasn’t changed with the updated formula.


Holt Herbal Snuff is a nice alternative if you’re a wintergreen / peppermint dipper.  I personally don’t really care about the “health benefits” of alfalfa, but for some that may be a big win.  For me, it’s more of a win that it’s a good tasting, soft chew that doesn’t grate on my gums and this update (adding the cayenne pepper) adds a bite that was missing from the previous formula.  In looking through their website it doesn’t appear as if you can choose between the old and new formulas so if you’re going to be using Holt this is the one you’ll get.  Special thanks to Dave Holt for sending along a sample can for me to try.

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Have you tried Holt Tobacco Free Herbal Snuff?  Let us know what you think and we’ll add your review to the site!

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Billy S.
Billy S.
4 years ago

Chewed for 50 years. Got tired of plug,tobacco,Beach Nut, Red Man, Days Work,Copenhagen and sore mouth. Tried Holt and never went back. Took some getting used to but did not take long. Wished more stores sold it. Question for Mr. Holt. Can I buy direct from factory and if so what is address or phone number. I was born and still live in Montana going on 69 years. Thank You Dave Holt for a great product to avoid tobacco and nicotine.?

Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford
6 years ago

I chewed two pouches of Red Man every day for 25 years. I finally made the decision to quit. Using Holt made the transition easy. I recommend this product to anyone that is willing to give up tobacco!

8 years ago

I have tried a lot of different tobacco less products. This Holt is good for a guy like me thats been chewing for 37 years. I swore I would quit when my son was born. That was 20 years ago in Belgrade Montana. Something about fishing and spitting copenhagen. I stopped for 4 months until my son and I started fishing in the spring. Its been day 10 without copenhagen or tobacco in chew period. Its been hard. I had my knee replaced last week, and sitting around without a dip and spit cup or nearby plant to spit in, has been difficult. Holt reminds me of my old days when I spit skoal. I do like the flavor, and the texture. Don’t much care how it looks, its all about the performance. I mix it with the Smokey Mountain. I am proud of myself so far. My girlfriend found the Holt in IGA in Great Falls. However, it might be cheaper to by it direct from the distributer. I will research this tomorrow.
Interesting getting older. First it was the Beer, and now the chew. Glad I don’t do drugs, or hard alcohol. By am I going to feel good again. Without the guilt of doing something you know is not good for you.
Thanks to the smokeless chew companies. I Will be glad to support you
Good Luck


8 years ago

This is my favorite fake. I do like the fact that everything in it is healthy and I used to take alfalfa tablets so I am a believer in its health benefits. I don’t like to spit this either, which makes me feel a little better because I don’t need a spit bottle with me. It also suppresses my appetite somewhat I think, which is good since at first all I wanted to do was eat.. I live in Texas and I ordered mine on a Friday and received it Monday. I was very impressed considering the shipping is free if you purchase a log of 5. This smells good. When you spit it out it doesn’t stay stuck in your teeth. It tastes good. Have nothing bad to say about it except I wish some places around here carried it. Good stuff!

Seth Clark
Seth Clark
8 years ago

i live in montana and am proud to say that holt is made here. damn good dip alternative. best i have used so far. and ive tried em all.

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