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Holt Tobaccoless Chew Review

Holt Tobacco Free ChewOne of the threads we have on the forums is all about Smokeless Alternatives.  We talk about which ones we like, which ones we don’t like, where to get them, etc.  During a recent discussion someone mentioned an alternative that I hadn’t tried before so I figured I’d remedy that situation.

According to their website (, Holt Tobaccoless Chew is the, “World’s Greatest Chew“.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is definitely an alternative worth checking out.

About The Product
Holt was developed by a former (45 year) smokeless user Dave Holt after he developed cancer in his lymph gland.  Luckily Dave is now cancer free and pursuing his passion of helping people to quit.  Holt is different from other alternatives out there as it is all natural and made (primarily) from alfalfa leaves.  Yep… you read that right.  Alfalfa leaves.    They have a pretty substantial distributor network in Montana, South Dakota and Idaho.

Initial Impressions

Holt ProductHad a great smell when I opened up the can.  I’m always interested to see what the product is actually going to look like (if it’s going to actually LOOK like tobacco).  I was happy to see that this particular alternative did in fact look like the dip that I was addicted to for so long.  This may actually be a downside for some people (as it may be too close to the real thing and actually cause craves) but if I’m going to chew fake stuff I prefer it be as close to real as possible.  Looking at the product in the can it appears to be drier than it actually is.  This USA made product is somewhere between long and fine cut.

The Pros

  • Good peppermint (wintergreen) flavor that lasted quite a long time.
  • Feels “soft” in my mouth which is a good thing.  It doesn’t have that “harsh” feeling that some of the other alternatives do.  This may lead to less irritation from extended use.
  • Decent “spitability” here producing an OK amount of saliva.  Not the most that I’ve had from a smokeless alternative product but certainly not the least.

The Cons

  • It looks like real tobacco.  For some this may be a negative.
  • Only one flavor.  I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so this is right up my alley, but if you were a Cope or Skoal flavored (Cherry, Mint, Straight, etc.) dipper you may not like this flavor.


This is a nice smokeless alternative.  Personally I don’t really care that it’s made from alfalfa but for some that may be a big selling point.  I loved the fact that it felt nice and soft in my mouth and it packed very well.  At this point in my quit I’m not a regular alternative user, but that softness may not lead to some of the irritation that I found with some of the other products.  If you’re a fan of wintergreen/peppermint flavored dip then you should give this one a shot.  I’d like to offer a special thanks to Dave Holt for sending along a sample can for me to try.

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If you’d like to read other reviews of Holt including the one that prompted me to check it out in the first place, please check out our Smokeless Alternatives Reviews page.

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  1. Joey tagged you in a post.

    Joey wrote: “Wow did I ever out do myself. Shake this morning…….drum roll please, Coconut milk unsweetened, Body by VI protein, frozen pineapple, frozen apples (part of me and marcia’s 38 pound box) and here it comes, a pinch of Worlds greatest chew! Has alfalfa and peppermint in it. This is like a tropical drink. Holt Chew makes this stuff as an alternative to chewin tobacco! and it is healthy for you! Down 1 more pound, Vegas and Corona Lite here I come!” My husbund is now asking me for Holt.

  2. My husband used snuff for many years and then quit after the birth of our firstborn son by using nicotine gum and then weaning to just plain gum. He was tobacco free for 11 years and then some stressors of life caused him to secretly start it up again last October, I found out about 3 months later. I was upset but I’m not a nagger and I know he is ashamed that he is using again and doesn’t want our 3 children to know. He is 41 and I’m very concerned about how it affects his health. I’m very interested in these alternatives, any advice from a mans perspective on how to approach him would be appreciated:)

  3. We aree approved by the FDA as a nutrientional suppliment. We use organic Alfalfa from Montana as well as Honey and Peppermint oil. It is Totally designed for health.

  4. Is this product been approved by the FDA? Where do you get the alfalfa? How do we know there isn’t horse doo doo in it? Do you use chemicals on your products?

    1. @PuttyP – we don’t produce these product… just review them. That said, I’ll reach out to the owner of Holt to see if he can answer your questions.

  5. I quit ciggs and dip 6 days ago cold turkey. Recently stopped drug and alcohol use so I figured might as well get rid of my nicotine addiction as well.(which had gotten out of control with the stopping of alcohol and drugs) I have not had problems yet but am constantly running my tongue along my gum line and missing my dips. I just ordered Holt and look forward to packing some fatties again, but without nicotine and ruining my gums.

  6. @ Chewie: So I’m currently a Copenhagen Wintergreen addict and I really want to quit but I want to find the alternative that best resembles Cope. Would it be Holt?

  7. I’ve tried just about every herbal non tobacco dip that they make and in my opinion this is the best tasting and easiest product on my gums I have found. It is worth the money to me for the benefits of alfalfa. I really appreciate such a good product Dave.

  8. It’s like they say, you will only use half to a third as much as with a tobacco product. The ingredients in our product are much more expensive to use. The reason I came up with “Holt” was to improve peoples health and to give them a choice of something that was not sticky and didn’t eat up their lips. Believe me I tried everything in my attemp to quit, but I love to chew something, and now I can and it’s improving my health!

  9. Something else your missing Rob, As you begin to kick the nicotine addiction you may very well chew as much or even more of the herbal chew. However as you become stronger in your Quit you can be less and less dependant on it over time.

    I Quit Cope 5 years ago Cold turkey, I bought every can of SMC that Walmart had and chewed it like a fiend, but over time I gave it up too. So today I spend zero dollars on either product.

    So yes in the beginning it can be more expensive, consider it a stupidity tax for getting yourself hooked on something that is trying to kill you and is soooo hard to give up. Isn’t your freedom worth a little bit of suffering

  10. Rob:

    1. If the reason you quit tobacco is because the fake chew is cheaper, then you are quitting for the wrong reasons and will fail.

    2. Once quit, a person uses much less fake chew then what they were using as a nicotine addict. I chewed a can a day when I was using. When I first quit, a can of fake chew would last me about 3-4 days. Now 170 days in, a can of Holt will last me 2+ weeks.

    3. Copenahagen is addictive, Holt is not. Until you break free from your addiction, you will continually pay your $4 a can. I am not addicted to Holt, and can make a conscience decision on if I want to purchase it or not.

  11. @Rob-You are right, I used to have that mentality too, and it is utterly ignorant. Once you get the nic bitch off you start to understand that. Oh, and that was not meant as a “tobacco is bad, m’kay” response, just giving an opinion, if you still want to kill yourself with oral cancer, go right on ahead buddy.

    @KTC, Chewie, and Dave-Sounds like a cool product, I’ll have to order some.

  12. cop @ 4.00 can = cancer
    Natural alturnative @ 5.00 = health

    You need to make your own choice, I know I choice Tobacco at the lessor price and ended up with cancer…….cost over a million dollors!

    1. So you understand where I’m coming from Dave thats why I’m saying it needs to be cheaper so people are more willing to try to quit. It’s also the princaple of the whole thing too they get $5 a can for cope because the government charges us so much in taxes.

  13. @rob – So because it’s cheaper you’re going to continue killing yourself? Webster’s should add a new entry under “ignorance” for this line of thinking.

  14. $5.00 per can I thought you were trying to help people quit? I can buy copenhagen straight for under $4.00 so why would I spend more money then what I already am.

  15. Greetings.

    Born in 1960 and raised on a sheep and cattle ranch in Eastern Montana, I’ve been addicted to nicotine since the age of 13, almost 40 years!!! All past attempts to quit have failed.

    We lived 20 miles out in the country and I clearly remember, as a teenager, running out of Copenhagen while swathing alfalfa. That day, I went to the house for lunch and caught my mother before she departed for town (Circle) to buy groceries. I implored her to purchase a can of Copenhagen for me. I had never before made such a request. She was mortified and refused. I insisted, stressing the seriousness of my plight. (I was “jonesing” quite badly.) She insisted that I “quit that filthy habit”, but finally relented and reluctantly agreed to return home with a can.

    Upon returning back to my duties in the alfalfa field I proceeded to roll up alfalfa blossoms and tuck them between my cheek and gum, just to pacify my uncontrollable addiction.

    So, you might say I conceived your idea 30 some years ago, but just didn’t know it. Ha!

    When I read about your great product in the Daily Chronicle, I immediately purchased a can and haven’t looked back since.

    I am pleased and proud to say I am NICOTINE-FREE now for 78 days, thanks to Holt Herbal Snuff (and some new-found will power).

    I wouldn’t even attempted to quit had it not been for your chew.

    It’s brilliant. The pinch of Cayenne Pepper gives every chew a much anticipated kick. My family says my breath smells a whole lot better too!

    God bless you for creating such a fantastic alternative.

    Sincerely yours,

    Brian M

  16. Thank-you so much for giving our product a try. My original intent was to create a product not only to get people off tobacco but also to build their immune system. Unlike tobacco Holt is made to swallow, alfalfa is 100% ingestable, one of the most nutrious suppliments you can take. The lasting flavor of the pure mint oil is designed so your not having to always take another chew because you loose the flavor. We also encourage people that like hot green tea to try Holt with half teaspoon honey and hot water, it’s wonderful for sinus infections,colds,relaxes and smooths your stomach before bed, not to mentions Alfalfa burns fat cell! Yes really.
    If you are trying to quit we suggest you use Holt 50/50 the first week with your tobacco to stop the cravings for tobacco, after that it’s just having something in your lip, and why not your vitimin suppliment. After all a T-bone is 12 to 14% protein and Holt Chew is 16 to 18% protein! All those cows can’t be wrong……….

    Love to all from Holt Chew

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