‘E-liquids’ in E-cigarettes Are Powerful and Lethal

Written by  Zachary Stieber – Epoch Times
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Liquid Nicotine Teaspoon: ‘E-liquids’ in E-cigarettes Are Powerful and Lethal

Liquid Stimulant In E-Cigarettes
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Liquid nicotine is so lethal even a teaspoon of the liquid can kill a person.

Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, cause vomiting and seizures.

E-liquids are extracted from tobacco and “tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry,” reported the New York Times.

Like e-cigarettes, they’re not regulated. The liquids are typically placed inside the e-cigs but are detachable and come separately at some places.

Experts say that the liquids are attractive to young people, even children, because of bright colors and fragrant flavors.

“It’s not a matter of if a child will be seriously poisoned or killed,” said Lee Cantrell, director of the San Diego division of the California Poison Control System and a professor of pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco. “It’s a matter of when.”

Reports of accidental poisonings, which typically don’t cause death but require hospitalization, are soaring. In 2013 there was one cast a day, triple the previous year’s number.

“This is one of the most potent naturally occurring toxins we have,” Cantrell said of nicotine. But e-liquids are now available almost everywhere. “It is sold all over the place. It is ubiquitous in society.”

The Food and Drug Administration says it’s planning to regulate e-cigarettes but hasn’t given specifics or a timeline yet.

“It’s the wild, wild west right now,” said Chip Paul, chief executive officer of Palm Beach Vapors, a company based in Tulsa, Okla., that operates 13 e-cigarette franchises nationwide and plans to open 50 more this year. “Everybody fears F.D.A. regulation, but honestly, we kind of welcome some kind of rules and regulations around this liquid.”

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    1. Serious question for you Linda – do you honestly believe nicotine is not hazardous to your health? No hidden agenda to my question… I’m seriously asking. Thanks.

      1. Another smoke screen question. I do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Due to smoking, I’m addicted to nicotine. I used gums, patches et-al to try to quit smoking, I could not. I picked up my first e-cig on 23rd June 2012,and I have not smoked a tobacco cigarette since. Nicotine is a powerful drug, with some side effects. Is it worse for me than caffeine or alcohol? The fact is that like most smokers I wanted to quit. The fact is that cold turkey works for just 3% of smokers, with NRT working for just 7%. Electronic cigarettes work for me, and for thousands of other ex-smokers. As an intelligent woman I have made an informed choice to do myself less harm. The purpose of the e-cig is to be an electronic nicotine delivery system, and give smokers a chance to make the same informed choice.
        Your headline claims that e-cigarettes are lethal, yet there is not one case I know of where anyone has been killed by an e-cigarette. Yes, vapers need to be responsible and keep their e-cigarettes and e-juice away from pets and children, in the same way as you keep painkillers, bleach, cosmetics and laundry products. All the e-liquid I use comes in child safe bottles.
        Then there is this: ‘Liquid nicotine is so lethal even a teaspoon of the liquid can kill a person’ True of 100% pure Liquid nicotine, not true of e-liquid. Do you even know now much nicotine is in the average e-liquid? I don’t suppose proper research and getting your facts right are things you consider before writing your article, why let the facts and truth spoil your article?
        I don’t mind proper debate, we do need regulation to ensure that adults and children are educated about e-liquid and e-cigs in the same way as we do with painkillers, drain cleaner etc.
        This from your article ‘E-liquids are extracted from tobacco and “tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry’
        Again half truths and lies. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco, not e-liquid. No e-liquid I vape has colorings added, or assorted chemicals. My e-liquid contains vegetable glycerin, pg, flavouring, distilled water & nicotine, with nicotine at less than 4%. Are all e-liquids so pure? This is where the FDA needs to regulate: Force proper labeling, make e-cigs an 18+ product, child safe bottles with proper warning labels( see your bottle of bleach, if you have one).
        Maybe you could try doing some research befor knocking up an article which para-phrases other writers articles.

        1. *sigh* I was asking a legit question and got a novel in response. The phrase “thou doth protest too much” comes to mind… but I’ll play along.

          First off… I absolutely commend you for being tobacco free since the 23rd of June 2012. An AMAZING accomplishment regardless of how you did it. Sincere congratulations.

          As for the headline… it actually says that the e-liquid is lethal… not the e-cig themselves. And I’m glad that we agree that vapers need to be responsible. This point of me posting this article (which I did not write) is that I’m afraid people think that e-cigs are completely safe which couldn’t be further from the truth (I think you’d agree).

          As for the quote, “Liquid nicotine is so lethal even a teaspoon of the liquid can kill a person” – that is a 100% statement. Liquid NICOTINE is that deadly. The author of the story isn’t making the same claim about e-liquid, though I agree he’s not very clear and if “I” was the author, I’d have been more clear.

          While it wasn’t MY choice of quitting methods, I do see value in e-cigs… when regulated. That’s clearly coming and I’m hoping that companies / products such as yours that seem to be doing it the “right way” will rise above so many others that clearly aren’t. Unfortunately, companies such as yours are going to be painted with a very broad brush until that time because there are so many others out there who are romanticizing these products and making them look “cool” the same way Big Tobacco did back in they day before they got slapped.

          As for MY level of research before posting an article… I do plenty. I try to post articles that cite legit sources and aren’t simply propaganda. There are literally thousands of stories that I could post daily that paint the e-cig market in a very unfavorable light. As an ex-nicotine addict myself I feel very strongly that it’s my duty to spread the word about these products… they simply aren’t a “safe” alternative as many (not necessarily you) are saying.

          1. Thanks Chewie, the point I was really trying to make was that I, and many other vapers have made an “informed choice” and having done a huge amount of research myself and weighing up the options, as well as speaking with my doctor on this subject, it was clear that continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes, would certainly cause me serious harm, if not death. I didn’t make the decision lightly when I switched to an e-cigarette on the grounds that it was better for me than continuing to smoke. I made it on the basis of it is the lesser of two evils.

            You are absolutely right that the lack of information out there was the catalyst in the formation of our company and indeed moreover, the e-liquids. I was shocked to say the least about the lack of information on labels for instance. After much research I was truly shocked at some of the ingredients, diacetyl, ethyl alcohol, “e” numbers galore, vodka, ethanol – mostly used as thinners. I think the onus is on the Vendor to make sure that what they are selling is of quality, that warnings on bottles of e-liquids are clear in that yes, the contents are toxic as they have nicotine in them. Then once purchased the buyer acknowledges his or her duty to ensure that the e-liquids are used as intended, kept away from children and pets, just as you would household cleaners, bleaches, nail varnish remover etc – I have a bottle of nail varnish remover which has a toxicity warning on it but it can be opened quite easily as there is no child proof cap. We are all responsible for our own actions. What distresses me is that the pharmaceuticals are picking up on every single story concerning electronic cigarettes and running with that story for months until the next story is available. I’ve looked at all of the exploding battery stories and 99% of them were user error, being charged with the wrong type of charger for instance and causing fires and explosions. However, every day in the UK 275 people are killed by smoking related illness and no one seems to want to tackle this issue. If there was a plane crash in the UK every day which killed 275 people, we simply wouldn’t have planes in the air. Why is the tobacco cigarette allowed to swerve the law?

            Whichever way you cut it, people will do their own thing and when it comes to this market, there are now over 2 million vapers in the UK alone, and those vapers will not be policed by ill informed pharmaceutical companies whose only concern is that they are losing millions, if not billions in cash from either nicotine replacement therapies or the cures for those people who have a smoking related illness. It seems to me that they simply don’t want us to get well because then a lot of their profit making products will simply be obsolete.

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