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At the 100th Day – A Milestone In a New Life

KTC Logo Sepia NewSitting here on the eve of my 99th day. This moment was the goal 99 days ago, and 99 days ago I only hoped and wished that I could find the will to make it.

There is an aloneness with quitting dip, there is the rambling excuse maker that persuades you at every turn to take another, we will quit tomorrow. By far the mental anguish of quitting dip is a real enemy that we have to fight. Alone this fight is insurmountable, but when you sign on the line and make your promise each day…..somehow, you begin to build a group of new quitters and veteran quitters that become a band of warriors, ready to battle addiction with you.

What did quitting teach me? Accountability with my word. Real accountable actions in my daily life. If I am holding someone else accountable, I must be accountable my own self.
My quit is as important as your quit.
You can only quit today, and we do it one day, one hour and sometimes one minute at a time.
Wake up piss and post. In the beginning this was all I clung to, it is what I did when my eyes opened. The promise was made and it was all I had.

And who I promised to:

The April Fools. The best group of fellow quitters I have ever been supported by, and I have supported. I am Thankful and appreciate all the quitters that made our unique group, ours. I honestly lived on the site when not at work. It filled the void of quitting, I appreciated how much you guys made me laugh. And when the going got tough, there was always someone there to keep perspective or embrace the rage. I thank each one of you for the help you knowingly or unknowingly gave to my quit.

100 days quit tomorrow.

I thank killthecan.org for this site and the brotherhood it brings. I thank my wife, for her support, and her patience while I was raging, or being a general asshole. Her understanding and listening to how hard quitting is, was another key to my success.

I would also like to thank njohns, your support in the first 12 days of my quit were life changing. Cmark for the no bullshit quit in chat. Leonidas for the support in April. Seeing your support for me helped so much and I thank you. So many more thanks to give….my heart is filled with gratitude to so many people who supported and helped to get me to this milestone.

I thank you for reading this, if you are thinking of quitting. Jump in, dump the can, read Everything about nicotine and what it does, and take charge of your life. Know you will find all you need to quit here. You will find an army to fight your addiction with you and WIN. If you drink the process and get involved, you will also make some new, very good friends and gain the tools to stay quit, one day at a time.
I quit today with you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Skidwilly

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