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BigD’s Quit Trip

BigDBingo avatarLike many of you, I turned to the Internet for information when I decided it was time to be free of tobacco. Like many of you, I started young, telling myself it was just a habit, I could quit at any time. Like many of you, I found the strength and accountability of this site crucial to my success of eliminating nicotine from my body.

I started dipping when I was around 13 – we’d be out shooting hoops, riding bikes, fishing, swimming, playing teener league baseball, you name it. Dip was easy to come by. We would steal it from the local drugstore where they kept it in the aisles, not behind the counter (that soon changed).

I started on Hawken, immediately graduated to Skoal Long Cut, then Skoal Fine Cut, back to Mint Long Cut, which is where I would stay for a long time. I would dip Skoal Bandits in gym class, and sometimes a pouch of Red Man if I felt like it. If someone had some dip, I would take one. I didn’t care, just wanted a fix.

When I went to college, I started smoking a pack a day, Camels then Camel Lights. Dipping occasionally, usually when playing video games or intramural sports. I would continue this smoking / chewing for 10 years. Way more of a smoker than a dipper at this point.

One day, I decided on a plan of action. I would quit smoking, dip Skoal pouches to wean myself off the cigarettes, then use nicorette to wean myself off the Skoal, then Hey Presto – I’m free of nicotine.

I successfully quit smoking, but what I didn’t count on was that I was too much of a pussy to buy nicorette. I would look at it in CVS as I was picking up medicine or shit tickets, and think “ehh maybe tomorrow” as I poked at the fresh pouch in my lip.

For 4 years of my life, I dipped almost constantly. No matter what I was doing – I’d dip at work, at the ballgame, in the car, on the golf course, doing yard work, playing computer / playstation games. I’d wake up and throw in a dip.

In September ’08, I got engaged to a beautiful girl, and started to take a look at my ninja-dipping ways. For the first 18 months we had been together, she had no idea i dipped. I would hide my tin of pouches in the bathroom and sneak a dip on the shitter at halftime of the Giants game – I would go home early from her house so I could stay up and have that last dip – In short, i used many of the tricks that I’ve read all you guys talking about.

I told her one night when I was quitting. Made it 7 days that time. She would ask me how it was going and I would grunt noncommitally, until eventually she didnt ask me anymore. Occasionally she would ask me to quit for her, and I would nod and say ” I will”. One day I opened my eyes and decided it was time. Enough was enough. On Jan 12th, I threw away my can. On Jan 13th, I posted Day 1. TCope actually quoted my quit post in his HOF speech.

I havent been the most vocal member of the FoQ’r crew. I never missed a day posting roll, and for that I am proud, but for the most part I would post, check to make sure Scuba posted, then go about my day.

A couple situations come to mind when I was deep in the funk and looking to lash out.

A Wildcat vs Smokey battle I got involved in
Talkin guitars with tfurrh
Somethin with JPine, I don’t remember what though, and am too lazy to go back and look it up.

For the most part, I read, chuckled, posted if I thought it appropriate (or if some Vet popped off without posting roll, I might let em have it, especially if they hadnt been a vocal member in April).

I thank you all for keeping me quit.

The biggest thanks goes to Tina, my fiancee, for her love, support, and big bag of HOF cookies that were on top of my jeep this morning. She’s also taking me out for a steak dinner tonight to celebrate. Without her, I don’t quit. Its that simple.

Special thanks to Scuba, TCope, and Wildcat for both holding me accountable and supporting each other when douche-knuckles would step up to us (and I use that as a term of endearment, Smokey).

Like all of my quit brothers, I am very proud to step into the HOF. Like all of my quit brothers, I am looking forward to the second floor. And like all of my quit brothers, I pledge to keep this quit group strong, and will not give in.

Peace. BigD

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member BigDBingo

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