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Successful Quit Schedule

Quit Dipping ScheduleWithin 10 minutes of waking up every morning i have:

  • farted
  • scratched
  • farted
  • stretched in bed giving rise to another scratching session
  • admired my morning wood
  • invited mrs. mule to admire my morning wood, (she is rarely impressed anymore)
  • fart again with aggression at her lack of appreciation of the 8th wonder of these here United States
  • roll up to a sitting position and contemplate which joint will pop the loudest today
  • stand creating a rousing snap, crackle and pop as my joints bitch about years of abuse
  • waddle to tell the kids to get up
  • attempt to lay down a noxious cloud of mustard gas in every room insuring the little pissants will get up
  • waddle to p/u lap top left on charge by the recliner
  • waddle to my throne room
  • settle into my perch
  • log onto ktc
  • go to April 08 first and post roll, vowing to myself, my group and every swinging dick or split tail on this site that i will not have any nicotine today……

keep my word.

This is the path to quit young grasshoppa…….it is well trodden by those that have gone before……..the travelin is easy when you know the way.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Mule

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