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Brand New Dawg!

gadawg3 avatarI am a little late on typing one of these, but here goes…

First I want to thank everyone on this site for all that you have done and do daily. I never imagined I would really be quit until and I came here. Something just clicked one day and I did a search and found KTC. And boy am I glad I did. Something about the accountability just makes it stick. Also having folks to talk to that are going through the same crap (withdrawals, fog, etc) is a big help. And occasionally having someone to kick you in the ass when you get slack can help as well.

New quitters listen….I know it can seem impossible those first few days and weeks. But I promise it will get better. I started at a very young age (12 or so) and dipped for over 20 years. I mean I had a dip in from just after waking up until just before falling asleep (even fell asleep occasionally with one in). If I can do it, anyone can.

I know some of the people here come across as assholes from time to time. But the system works and they are just trying to keep you in the system. Trust the people and the system. Stay tough. Fight through it. You will be quit before you know it.

If any of you ever need to talk, hit me up. My number will be yours.

gadawg3 – a brand new dawg!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member gadawg3

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