2011 HOF Speeches

Capp28’s HOF Speech

Capp28 avatarSo this all begins in my ninth grade year in the baseball dugout. One day after practice a teammate left a can of Copenhagen Snuff on the bench. Why I was intrigued, I have no idea, but I took that can home with me. My parents went to get something to eat that night and in went my first pinch. It was a love affair that lasted 18 years of my life. This nic bitch grabbed me by the balls and wouldn’t let go. It started out just on the baseball field, then quickly escalated into a habit that consumed the majority of my waking life. That’s right, if I was awake, there was a 95% chance a dip was in my lip. I was selfish!!!! That motherfucker controlled my life for so long! I always thought, “after baseball is over” I’ll quit no problem.

I was fortunate enough to play college baseball and a had a brief stint in the minor leagues. Dip controlled me through this timeframe until I was about 24 and my baseball career came to an end. The dip stayed!!! I pretty much was at the mercy of this motherfucker, read many sad stories, yet still continued to dip.

I met the wife I love so much and she put up with my nasty habit for a very long time. I continued to dip through the birth of my two sons, until the point my oldest son started spitting at the age of 3 because “daddy did it.” Another act of coward and selfishness!!! I love my boys and I wasn’t going to be the one to set the bad example and I sure wasn’t going to let this bitch kill me!!!!!!!!

I found this website on 1/1/11 (shit I think that was the date) and browsed around. I knew the time to quit was NOW. I believe my first post was “How does this site work?” and within minutes ncgolfer immediately responded and helped me out. Thank you nc, you were the first to help me with my quit and provided phenomenal support!!! I don’t remember much after that because the fog was very deep. I was an emotional wreck for quite some time, but with the support from all of you, I was able to gain the daily strength it took to quit this nasty habit. THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, I mean that!!!!!! Without you, this coulnd’t be done. Thank you to my family for putting up with me while I was an asshole (yes, I know I still have my moments).

I cry as I write this Hall of Fame Speech because I am damn proud of my quit. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life!!!!!!! I love all of you and consider all of you my friends. I will fight this thing one day at a time and as long as my heat beats!!!!!!!!! This thing will never defeat me again!!!!!

P.S. To all you new quitters, PM me if you ever need anything. I will help you with your quit and so will everyone on this board.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Capp28

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3 years ago

I started chewing when i was 14 in school. Pretty redneck school,everyone dipped. Here i am 21 now. Quiting again the proper way on day 2. I keep reminding myself that i dont even get a buzz from nicotine anymore. I chewed for almost 8 years and this feeling. The fog is what snuff gave me. I quite for 3 weeks last time. Like many others i thought i could handle just one dip. I know better this time

4 years ago

Hey man I need help quitting. It’s been almost three years since I started. I’m 18 and I’m just ready to quit this crap for good. Ive tried the fake stuff and I’ve tried cold turkey but I caved on a fishing trip. If you wouldn’t mind I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks, Gantner

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