Quit Groups – What Do They Mean?

KTC Quit GroupsWelcome to KillTheCan.org, our Community and our Quitter Support Forums! We hope that you find this site to be just the solution you were looking for in your journey to quit dipping and to find the everlasting quit!

One of the most important things you will encounter with this site are the quit groups. Once you have registered you must find your quit group. A quit group is the group of members with whom you will hit your 100 day Hall of Fame mark. Why 100 days you ask? Check out the answer here: Why Is The Hall of Fame 100 Days?

So you must figure out in which month your 100th day will fall, and this will be your appropriate month. You will discover that these other members in your quit group, or your Brothers and Sisters as we commonly refer to them, will become your greatest weapon in the battle against the demon.

The longer you remain quit, the closer the bond you form with them will become. They will be like family to you, and in some cases, may get to know you better than your local friends. Don’t believe us? Check out the hundreds (thousands?) of quitter meets we’ve documented!

Now of course, just because you are in a certain quit group, this does not mean you have to remain in the confines of your own group. Feel free to post outside of your group, but always remember where you call home. We do not wish you “luck” in your journey as there is no luck involved in a successful quit. However, we do hope that you utilize all of the tools which have been placed at your disposal here. For it will make all the difference.

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9 years ago

I guess I’m too late. I hit day 117 today, but just found this place. I’d like to join a group anyway if possible, and maybe help others who are struggling.

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