The Veterans – Why We Stay Around After 100 Days


As you read through the different quit groups and forums on this site, you will notice a very common thread…many of the members here are well past that seemingly magic 100 days, or H.O.F. membership. Why do so many of them continue to post in this site on a daily basis?

First, and foremost, each one of us continues everyday to fight the nicotine bitch. We all recognize that we are just winning daily battles, but the war remains to be fought every single day.

Secondly, we feel we owe this community and the veterans who came before us. The guys who walked with us while we were fighting the craves, when the nic bitch was trying to convince us we could not make it through the day without a dip. It’s our time to be here to pass on that tradition and help you begin to change your life as we have been helped.

Finally, we are here because of the friendships and bonds that walking down this trying road together builds.

So, come on in and get started. We will be here to help and support you every step of the way.

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3 years ago

I am on day 191 getting my stripes day by day. Getting easier though.

4 years ago

Stumbled upon this section of the site. I guess I am a newbie Veteran with merely 122 days under my belt, and yes, I have tried to encourage others throughout the site to continue with their quit. I figured if i was allowed to rant in here while I was doing my time, now I can try to help out and rant some more sometimes.

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