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Crawling Onto The First Floor – 100 Days

cmark avatarSo I finally made it to 100 days! My story is not very different than yours. I used Dip, daily for many years. Like you I wondered many times how I was EVER gonna quit dipping. As a passionate deep sea fisherman & golfer – I Dipped; a can of Cope a day (with brief intervals) for nearly 30 years. I dipped & gutted it in Church (probably many of you did that too); but here is where my story departs from most. I am the preacher; preaching with that plug, carefully hidden under a big beard. I always hated how much I needed to have that pinch. Never could go anywhere without my can. Yes my jeans have the “Ring” on the back pocket! If I was awake, I was dipping, carefully recycling my “precious” pinch back into the can at meal times.

I have been SOBER 7.5 years. I know and understand :~ One Day At A Time. I know what it means to make and keep a commitment and be accountable; but I kept dipping. I lost all my upper teeth from eye tooth to eye tooth. It has cost me thousands of dollars in dental work, and still I kept dipping~

On April 3rd about 2PM, the thought came to me that I should throw out my Dip and Quit. I have 4 kids under the age of 11 and my girl/boy twins are 6. The thought came after my 6 year old daughter brought me a half full plastic bottle of putrefying spit and said: “Daddy I found your ‘pit bottle” (as she no front teeth, she cannot say “SP’s) & I dumped my Can. Right then I Quit.

That is when the poop hit the proverbial propeller……

I sequestered myself in my bedroom (I have a small office there) told the kids to stay away from Daddy for a few days as he was gonna be grumpy – (what an understatement). I drank water and ploughed through a bag of Jolly Rachers. I take my quit date as 04/04/12 as that was the first full day of No Nic for me! I “white-knuckled” it for that day and was really crabby as the fog closed in. I WANTED and CRAVED DIP … My wife hit the NET looking for something that might help ~ I was craving bad. At some point she came into the room … turned my computer on … hit a few keys and said: “Babe, I really think you should take a look at this” …and left. Curious I sat down and started reading some stuff on a Website entitled KILL THE CAN. I read most of that day. I read the Tom & Jenny Kern Story and found myself in tears. I read so many HOF stories and identified with you all! I made my way to CHAT and immediately the bastards there pounced on me… asking me if I was quit .. If I had thrown out all my shit … If I had registered … was I willing to take my life back. (who where these nazi – Heil Quitlers??) Registration was a snap. I returned to chat as a “MEMBER” (no longer a “Guest”). Next they told me to POST ROLL. Sweet Jesus I nearly CAVED over Posting ROLL … what sick bastard would make a Roll Posting so ^$^$#$#^*%! Complicated?

RateRKO16 came to my rescue. He called me up and walked me through Roll by Phone. And Finally I was posted. I spent a lot of time in Chat (I still do) and I have posted Roll Every day, (EVERY DAY) since. [I have walked many a guy through roll posting just as Rated did so for me!]

So if you are new to quit and reading this to this point .. You are NOT here by Accident. You can do this. The first few days are gonna suck! They just will. But it does get better. Read the section on “What To Expect”. Register on this site, Post Roll, and get into CHAT. Those crazy bastards with an obsession for ghey chat will save your sorry ass!

There are so many blokes I want to thank. Guys who have stepped up and been there supporting me through these first 100 days.

Firstly my mates Tsmithy & Dippshit ~ brothers thank you for your daily check ins and support in July; for showing through example the importance of posting roll in many other groups as well! Mcarmo44 and ToeTag, Quit Brothers I met in person in my first 100 days – Love you men! Timeless ~ you pseudo DR you, for just always being in there in CHAT (they really should make you a MOD)! Bruce, Bretn37, Mcarmo44 for your quiet and daily support in July …HECK YEAH I NOTICE!! Chewie for personally answering my PMs! Quit Brothers of July JohnK, Wedgie, Hockplaya, Allpuck, Dag and WT (& gone but not forgotten loulou) I know you brothers have got my back!! Thanks also to you assholes in the May 11 ~3 Ballers ~ for busting my “BITS” for the past many days ~ Well I am a THREE BALLER now! And thanks to Dgonseaux for being our Kick Ass ZENgineer!!

Finally I wanna say a massive THANK YOU to SamCat!!! from NOV 09. Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for the many calls and texts! Big Hug you!!

To the many brothers and sisters of KTC who I have not mentioned and helped me along the way (even Klark) … I luv ya all!

Onward to the second floor. 100 days ain’t the end of the road kids. The journey has just begun! ONE DAY AT A TIME

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member cmark

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