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Daily Reprieve – 100 Days

KTC Logo SepiaStarted chewing at age 15 for the same reason that has got me into a lot of other trouble in this life – I wanted approval. Hockey and golf meant chewing and I needed to be accepted, and, on my own merits that was impossible.

Once addicted, there was no way to stop. I work in a professional environment – I would chew. I would go on first dates, I would chew. I got married and had kids – I would chew. I would lie to my young kids and say it was gum…..but they knew better.

I tried to quit so many times, getting through the rough first two weeks, only to succumb when I was hungry, or lonely, or tired, or angry. Or had to poop. Or was bored, or was happy, or was sad. So many good excuses, no good reasons to chew.

Then I found this site, and it has made all the difference in the world. I can’t change yesterday, and have no control over tomorrow. But the bridge that connects the two is today and I can live there. On that bridge I have promised these guys from April, and a few buddies who joined in May that I will not chew. Just today. And when those times came to cave I did not.

My addictions fill a gap in my life. I try to be too self sufficient. In the end I need this community, this support, this accountability to fill that gap. Day 100. No nic today. Thanks for all for help and support, nic free kisses to Stac and the kids, and see all of you tomorrow.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member GoldenDomer

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