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QuittinTimes HOF Speech

KTC Logo Black WhiteSo, here I am, free from that little round can of death that has controlled my conscious and unconscious mind for more than half my life. I suppose I should re-phrase that last bit…..I am not free from the “Nico-Bitch” as she whispers into my ear several times a day. I am only free from shoveling that nasty-ass worm dirt into my face for the last 100 days, and that is indeed a great feeling of freedom and accomplishment not to be a slave to a damn $5 can of petrified fucking fiberglass shard laden toxic horseshit! I don’t intend on getting too over confident and cocky at this point though, as the 100 day mark is just that, a day just the same as any other, whether it be day 1, 7, 14, 69, 99, or day 999. I know that I am only $3 to $5 and the right C-store at the wrong time from throwing it all away. I have come the conclusion that I am in fact an addict, and will never be free from nicotine for the rest of my life. I will constantly have to remain vigilant and dedicated to keeping that shit out of my face and out of my life. I’m not one of those guys that can have “just one” dip. Or have one only when I’m fishing, only when I’m drinking, only when I’m working outside, those guys are lucky and I will never be one of them. For me, it turns into: I’ll have a dip when I wake up, after breakfast, on the way to work, during coffee, after coffee, before I take a shit, while I take a shit, after I take a shit, at my desk, away from my desk, out working, while coming back in for lunch, before lunch, after lunch, at my desk, away from my desk, talking with clients, before I go home, when I get home, outside after supper wandering the back yard “being busy”, before bed, etc., etc. etc. I even heard from someone on this site that you can dip when you’re asleep. I never tried it but I wouldn’t put it past me. Then I’d do the same damn thing the next day, over and over…..NO MORE!!! And it is all because of this site and the good folks that are here to help. I happened upon this site by pure accident, however, the support and friendship I have obtained here was no accident. I could not have made it this far into my quit without the dedication and commitment of all my quit brothers (and sisters) to find the time in their lives to get on here and give their word, and oath if you will, that they will not dip today, and in return I have done the same, for the last 100 days. That is what makes this site work, personal accountibility, and to know that I an not alone in this battle for our sanity and our very lives it seems. What a long strange trip this has been. There was nothing easy about it, except knowing I had the support of all the good people here that I could count on. We’re all here together in the same leaky boat with but one broken paddle between us. I hate to drag this on too much longer, but I have to offer my personal gratitude and respect to those who have been key in the success of my quit so far: Matt, for making this possible in the first place. RobakaIndy, for all the informative posts. The Vets: Capt.Kirk, Copewquitn, RNT, Loot, Arbcubed, and the rest, you may or may not know who you are. All of the May’06 Crew past and present, but especially: Danoj, Remshot, DFloyd, Larry, CoryB, Redsprngr, Snoborder, and yes, even Pave….? The New Crew: June, July, and August’06, you guys remind me that I never want to quit again. Best of luck in your quits as well. Thanks to John23, and Simdog17, for listening to what I had to say, whether or not they thought I knew what I was talking about. So, I’ve rambled on for a good long while now, this is enough, sorry, but you guys should feel lucky, this the 3 beer version. The 8 beer edition went on for 2 more pages. Once again, thanks to all who were involved, for your time, effort, and dedication. I have owed this quit to myself and my family for far too long, and I could not have made it without you all. To all the Newbies and Wannabies: If you really want to quit for good; this is where it will happen. Get Quit, Stay Quit, and keep that shit out of your head! (RNT’s tag line I believe, sticks in my head.)


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member QuittinTime

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