2014 HOF Speeches

Dave1903 HOF Speech – Keep Using The Tools

Keep Using The Tools100 days seems like a long time, but it don’t stop here you have to keep pushing on because this little thing the call the NIC Bitch will keep at you everyday. You just have to keep using all of the tools that you have learned a long the way in that first 100 days.

Well I started this nasty addiction at the age of 15 mowing yards with my Dad he would be at one end of the yard and I would sneak back to the truck to get some of his chew. I am proud to say that we are both quit he has got a few more years of quit on me at 20 years , but it don’t matter how long we have quit we both got smart an got rid of the NIC bitch. I had tried to quit many times before with no success. Then Ol’ sportsfan kept telling me about this sight that he had joined to help him quit, but I would always tell him that is ghey I didn’t need it for me to quit. Well guess what on October 25,2013 I decided to join KILLTHECAN and it is not. Everyone on this site has helped me in my quit and I will continue to let it help me in my quit. It was said by another quitter you get out of this site what you put into this site, also it was said stick around and make some friends those are two important things that every new quitter should take in and use. The most important that was pressed into my head was ONE DAY AT A TIME, also if you guys or girls get the chance to meet someone from KILLTHECAN it will make your quit just a little stronger. Well I usually don’t say much , but I think I could ramble on and on ,but I will stop rambling on now just remember ONE DAY AT A TIME.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Dave1903

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