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Dear Grizzly Straight

scottludwig avatarDear Grizzly Straight,
It’s been a while. I bet you wonder where I’ve been? I’ve had a hell of a time getting along without you. So where have I been? I decided to join this website. I just joined, didn’t read much, just signed up, sounded like a place I wanted to be. It was kind of weird at first: the lists are long, the type is so small, my name gets erased, people are grabbing lists from a few pages ago, everyone’s stumbling along trying to figure out what’s the best way to do this? There’s acronyms, thick fog, strangers want my number, headaches, people hunting you down, you screw up roll, you try to correct and then post multiple times, but in the end, each day, you post up and commit to not use tobacco. Yep that’s right grizz…I’m quit today. Been quit for over 100 days now. What’s that? Ya don’t say? I know. I know you’ve been calling on me, calling on me daily haven’t you. That’s one thing I can say about you…you don’t quit do you? I’m addicted to your drug. I didn’t really understand that before I came here. Maybe I was too proud to admit my weakness or maybe I was okay lying about it to my family for 22 and wife of 12 years. Using you really screwed up my brain. A brain that will not be under your influence for the second half of my life. A time when I choose to live life on life’s terms. Good luck? No I don’t think so. There’s no luck here, just a whole bunch of badass quitters who got my back EDD as long as my promise is posted early in the morning right up there with them. Who? Sure, you know them, but they’re not fingering your tin anymore either. You remember MNx? That dude picked me up early and gave me some great strength by representing the kind of quitter I wanted to be. The others too. So many solid individuals who have provided such great knowledge, endless reading, and never ending quit strength. Especially my cult brothers of February, without them I would not be quit. Many of these quitters would say the same. We do this together, each day, one day at a time. Why would I do it any other way? I like being quit. I’m getting healthy and my mind is recovering from your poison. Every time I fight you off is a time I get a little bit stronger. I feel it. I feel it every time and it feels damn good to be quit. Oh and guess what… there’s others too. Yep, a whole bunch of badasses right behind me fighting you off each day. I’ll support everyone of them too, as long as they get in line and make that most important commitment each day. Together we will survive and together we will be quit, I promise.

Since 11/2/16

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member scottludwig

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