It CAN Be Done – 31 Years as a Slave

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I’ve been reflecting about what I could share that’s unique from all the other Hall of Fame quitters, but I’m afraid I’ve got nothing. Well, maybe… but we’ll get to that in a bit. After reading many bios on here, I’ve surmised that I started late in my ill advised … Continue reading

From Skoal to Skol – MNxEngineer314’s HOF Speech

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“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” – Dale Carnegie It’s incredible how events – however brief or seemingly insignificant – in a person’s life can leave a lasting and vivid mental impression that will most likely remain forever engraved on our brains. On a frigid Fargo winter … Continue reading

Want It… Feel It… Be It…. I Quit and So Can You

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Well, never thought I’d see it…100+ days of quit and I am at a loss of words. I started dipping off of a “here man, try this” at Camp Geiger/Camp Lejeune NC as a young Marine fresh out of boot camp. I got high, loved the way it felt, and … Continue reading