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Getting ‘It’ Early In His Quit

russjns avatarThe problem that I have (which I’m not necessarily proud of, but I accept) is that if he IS quit, I WON’T believe him. He lied once, so he’s a dumbass. He lied twice, so I can’t trust him. And there are too many sincere people on here who deserve support.

I DO agree, though, that he is a junky like we were. But we sought help and made a HUGE commitment. I have no problem with NG if he wants to go on dipping, or if he wants to smoke, drink, inhale cocaine up his asshole…..by all means! But make a choice…here, or there. Can’t do both. And unfortunately “here” needs to be somewhere else, because I’ve been burnt.

Our word, our commitment, is MONSTROUS. To disrespect that word on more than one occassion isn’t something that should be shrugged off, in my opinion. In order for ME to continue feeling like this place means something, I need to make sure it doesn’t get degraded by somebody coming in and nonchalantly posting, caving, posting, caving, and talking about it as though it’s justifiable and ok and he should get sympathy. Doing that means that we can ALL cave and it’s OK. This isn’t some lame ass therapy where it’s OK to cave and get back on the horse. Not for me it isn’t. This place is for that ONE FINAL QUIT; the quit that has NO CAVE! This place isn’t for the weak, teetering on whether or not they should quit. This place is for those who MUST QUIT NOW AND WILL NOT FAIL! Make that commitment, and the company you keep in here will help you shine. Fail at that commitment, and you get no love from me.

Editted side note:
***I want you to know that I’m not trying to sound self-righteous. I am only 31 days quit. I AM an addict. I just feel extremely passionate about posting roll and about those who take it lightly. And in the same vein, I’m setting myself up so that I would be an unbelievably LARGE fuckface if I caved…..so I’m raising the stakes for myself as well. No way in HELL I’m gonna cave after saying all this.****

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member russjns

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