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Hello QUITTERS – My Story

Here's My StoryHello, I have many names but here is my story.

I was born in the Americas. No one actually knows my birth date but it is believed I came into existence in 6000 B.C. In 1000 B.C. American Indians began using me as a cure-all. I would dress wounds, be a pain killer and I also was used to relieve tooth aches.

Christopher Columbus’ sailors brought me to Europe and my family flourished there. Again, it was believed that I could cure almost anything. I was credited for curing bad breath to cancer.

During the 1600’s I became so popular, I was used as money. In 1776, I became the collateral for the loans France gave Americans to finance the revolutionary war.

World War I and II gave me great exposure. In fact, R.J Reynolds began to market me in a cigarette brand called, “Camel”. From 1914 – 1950’s many companies began to fight for market share. Members of my family were being introduced to Men, women and children.

In 1964, the Surgeon General’s report came out. There soon became an all out war against me and my family members. They said I was dangerous? During the 1980’s my promoters were getting sued. I became politically incorrect during this time. In 1985 I was awarded the #1 killer of women beating out breast cancer. (Lung cancer)

In the 1980’s because of the political back lash, I was not popular. I was viewed now as a killer vs. a cure-all. I and my family had to go into hiding. Our marketing companies began to diversify and buy other companies like Nabisco, General Foods, and Kraft. Also, they started moving outside of America and introducing me to developing countries in Asia.

Now you’re going to quit me? Every day you are going to quit me? Well you better be on your game! Rejecting me means you are at war with me. Your are a traitor to me and my family!!! I will fight you like a terrorist. You will not know when or where I may attack you but I will terrorize you. I will even haunt you in sleep.

You may put sanctions on me by not buying my product. I don’t give a shit.

I am well funded with a great campaign. The companies that promote me realized for every quitter, there is another child coming of age. (A 6th grade boy) My promoters are going to market me to your children with subtlety and intrigue. My family will have flavors like, apple, cherry, mint, vanilla etc. All the flavors you might find in candy. There will be songs created to honor me. Yes I will recruit the very people you love and they will become my soldiers, my slaves. They will become addicts JUST LIKE YOU!

Al-Qaeda on 9/11 took credit for killing fewer than 7,000 people. My terrorist organization is credited for killing 3.5 million. Yes, I may be more subtle but I am more deadly. Imagine waking up tomorrow and hearing that all residents in Houston have been killed by a terrorist group. That is what I do every year in this world.

Bow down and worship me, I am Tobacco, I am nicotine, I am a parasite, I will rob you or your freedom and recruit your children. I am EVIL.

Once you use me, I am like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave! You must post roll every single day, you must commit to fight me and you must always be on your guard. You must protect your children from me and If you think I am not like cocaine or harder drugs, good! I do better when I fly under the radar of concern.

My objective is to make you a slave. Give me your money, Give me your honor, give me your loyalty and give up your freedom… I will give you a temporary buzz and health concerns… ultimately Cancer.

Here is my rap sheet.
According to the statistics compiled by CDC, around 3 percent of the adult American population is involved in smokeless tobacco abuse on a regular basis.

Statistics also reveal that as many as 25 percent of these individuals take to smokeless tobacco abuse by 6th grade, while the remaining 75 percent follow the same by 9th grade.

Of the estimated 10 million individuals who abuse smokeless tobacco, approximately 3 million individuals are below 21 years of age.

The five largest tobacco manufactures in the United States spent a whopping $236.7 million on promoting their products in 2001. In 2005, the amount increased to $250.79 million, and it continues to soar even today.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates suggest that the number of tobacco related deaths in the world will rise from 3.5 million today to a whopping 10 million in 2025.

Yours Truly,
Tobacco. (Dip, chew, Nic Bitch, Nicotine, Cope, Skoal, Rooster, Grizzley ect.)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Remshot

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