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Quitters, I want to encourage all of you especially you folks who are having a tough time and thinking about caving. A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer. His name is David. He has been a smoker most of his life. I got to see him yesterday and his tongue so swollen that he can barely talk. He is in excruciating pain.

David goes in tomorrow to have all of his bottom teeth removed. He gets to recover from the surgery over Thanksgiving. The week after Thanksgiving he goes back in to have his entire tongue removed. David will have to be fed through a tube from that day forward. He will also have to learn sign language to communicate.

Look, we all know that cancer is bad but, it really hit home for me seeing my friend David like that. Seeing him also made me so incredibly thankful that I found this site and quit dipping! Its simply not worth it!! Stay quit my friends. And if any of you need help reach out! We will help you, I will do my best to help you!.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Sadjr111

Added by Stump-33

I have just lost a friend in La Feria Texas her name Carolyn age 48 a smoker had her tongue, teeth and voice box removed a year ago this month She passed away 3 weeks ago so sad She choose to die from NIC BITCH !!!!!!!!

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