Kenny Cancer Update

Fuck Cancer

I hesitated about posting this but I wanted to share it because it shows the true nature of the site. Kenny is a member of our forums. Know that we’re praying for you brother. Fuck cancer… and the way.  Hi everyone!!! Been awhile since I’ve updated everyone. Got a few … Continue reading

Ben – The Face of Cancer

Ben Wilson Cancer (1)

This story was posted on Facebook. To date it has nearly 63,000 shares… for good reason. We’re posting here with Shana and Ben’s permission.  I am posting this with my Daddy’s permission and upon his request! IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR LOVED ONES USE ANY FORM OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, … Continue reading

Randall – The Face of Cancer

Randall Duff - Tongue Cancer

This photo was posted on Facebook. To date it has over 185,000 shares… for good reason. Randall Duff says: I wasn’t going to post this but I decided I should…. I don’t usually do PSAs or anything like this but I thought I should because if I can change the … Continue reading