2015 HOF Speeches

HOF Speech – I Quit For My Health

KillTheCan LogoHey fellow quitters and future fellow quitters… At times I never believed this day would ever come. It’s been a long journey already in just 100 days. For all of you thinking of quitting out there today it’s well worth it for your health and your wallet/purse. When I came to KTC I wanted to quit but wasn’t sure where to start. I can’t remember who specifically got me to dump out the rest of my can I had on that deciding day 100 years ago but thank you. Thank everyone here at KTC. I’ve really been aided in this quit by you. It was nice to have someone to relate to when things got rough. I know the fight is far from over but I have 100 days strong worth of foundation in this quit and now I feel much more comfortable knowing I have the resources to have lasted 100 days and another day tomorrow quit for life. Thank you everyone so much. I quit for my health, to all the future quitters reading this, what reasons can you think of to quit? I’m sure there’s a lot and some of us have different reasons but we can do this. It will truly be something you will be proud of knowing how addictive and horrible this shit is.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member IAFisherman1989

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7 years ago

Congrats Chewie!! You and I both quit around the same time. I get to take my place on the podium in 8 days. Your post helped me to get through some tough times. Keep in quitting brother and congrats again.

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