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How KTC Helped Me – Staying Quit


This is SID2020 from India, and I believe everything has already been said here except my “Experience”. So thought it would be worth sharing it with you guys so you won’t waste so many years making a great decision of your life.

I was addicted to nicotine since 2003-04, There was a period I never realized I should quit, and when I realized it was too late. I couldn’t think of spending a day without nicotine. Unfortunately there was no restrictions to consume nicotine at work or home. After few years I started having issues like teeth pain, digestion, no sleep and many such issues, which led me think about my habit and I reached this site KTC many years ago, I don’t even remember the year. I was not convinced that such things can happen. I was thinking if it has to be done by me only then why should I stay dependent on anyone else. I was not serious or may be I was not mature enough to understand what “ACCOUNTABILITY” does mean.

I surely tried quitting nicotine using many ways, almost anything that I could find on internet, In-fact got succeeded once using nicogum for couple of months but then soon as I stopped using those gums I returned to my shitty routine and honestly saying I have lost all the hopes.

Then one day lockdown enforced due to covid-19 in last week of march, I was at home having no work or responsibility but couldn’t enjoy my time without nicotine as the supply was stopped. It made me do research on how to quit nicotine. I got here on the site and started posting role with July-2020 group, where I was able to stay nicotine free for 13 days and on 14th day of my quit I made that mistake and consumed 7-8 cigarettes. And fortunately, I informed my group mates what was happened. And then this is where I realized what “ACCOUNTABILITY” does mean. I got so many messages making me realize what I did, and got a call from @Muleman and he explained me to start posting again in August, I was having bad feeling (i.e. shame kind of thing), so stayed nicotine free on my own for another 13-14 days before I started posting on August. My previous quit of 13 days helped me a lot, then I started having conversation with quitting brothers regarding how their quit was going and how was mine going. And stayed strict to our promise we pushed through all the issues.

I will never forget these golden words which worked for me,

By @JohnSmallberries

“Even if it’s 10 minutes. You keep quit.
10 minutes becomes an hour.
An hour becomes 12.
12 becomes 24.
One day at a time.”

This is what ODAAT means, and accountability you will need is just for those 10 minutes or an hour, people will be there to hold your hand, to kick your brain and ass to make you stay away to help you argue from nic demon.

It worked for lot of people here at KTC, It worked for me, It can work for you as well.
I just want to thank you @MuleMan, @quitNWinay, @Bagel_Dog, @Bug Guy, @Zombo Funk, @Quitter2019  and all Ajay August crew.

Finally – Sid2020 – Day 101 – Quitting Again Today with you all.

–   Siddharaj

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SID2020

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