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How Remmy Got His Groove Back

Get Your Groove BackTo all you quitters,
You may have no idea at this time, what I am trying to relate, but I have to post this somewhere…

Last night (which is actually tonight to must of us), was H-U-G-E for me.

Last night I was reunited with some of my quit group that I have not spoken to in much too long of a time.

A Drama Queen to some of you will invoke thoughts of horror and revulsion! ( ), to others, you will not have a clue. To those of us who are close to the heart of this subject, it will bring up wonder and awe. To A.C.O.R.D you may shudder!

Reunited were Elric, DFloyd, Remshot, and Lawen4cer..All of us in chat at the same time. What a blast from the past. What a sampling of what this site is about and what this site can do for all kinds of individuals….

Me (Remshot) active for my own reasons, Elric, active for his reasons, plus he has accomplished something few (if any) others have accomplished in his field..DFloyd – back thru the power of PM and change in his life. Still quit, as strong as ever…Law….feeding us inspiration, hopefully feeding on strength thru us…No lie, no misconception.

It is hard for me to explain, but the mere fact that we interacted as one again last night, just like old times, has inspired me. It has rekindled a flame in me. A feeling of happiness and euphoria.

I can see that some of you reading this and are at the stage of saying “WTF is this guy talking about?”……Let’s sum it up and say that the bond you build with people in your quit group can be a strange, wonderful, and powerful thing. Reuniting after a time has shown me the powerful feelings that can be generated.

I feel infused. I feel thankful. Without these people, I would not be quit today. I owe my quit brothers and sisters more than I can explain to any outsider. I owe those of you who came after me (Units, July 06, to name a few). You kept the flame alive, you kept me focused. To those of you who came before me, I thank you with all my heart. Thank you for taking the time to spend your energy on me, and others in my group. Thank you for paying it forward. Thank you so much for showing me that it can be done. ACORD, FOCKERS, I owe you.

To all who may spend the time to read this..Sum it up and realize – if you get involved with your quit group as well as other quit groups – you will benefit in ways that will empower you…Do it. Try it. Reap the benefits.

That’s all I have to say. I hope it makes sense to at least one person reading this. You can be successful in your quit. I am proof of that.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Remshot

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