THEEE…….. Goldenbulls HOF – Read the Title

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First off, the name. Goldenbulls, Goldenballs, sometimes just Golden in chat……… doesn’t mean anything! Nothing, zilch, nada. It was a fantasy team name my drunk 20 something self came up with. I’ve also got the same email address I had when the internet was invented (1989 in my case), and … Continue reading

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Our new live chat will be officially launching soon. The beta version can be found here. This new chat will allow several options to login including using your Facebook and Twitter credentials, guest chatting and RumbleTalk login. To request a RumbleTalk login fill out the form below.

Ode To a Quitters ABC’s


Last night I sat in Chat, and something dawned on me: The best way to describe your Quit is easy as A-B-C. It’s simple to remember, quirky and kinda fun, I bet even the newbs, will get it and not feel dumb! ADMIT you are an addict, cause that is … Continue reading