2008 HOF Speeches

I Can’t Believe It

jstump avatarWell, after 15 years of Copenhagen, here I am turning 34 today and hitting the HOF on the exact same day. I could not have done it without this site, and more specifically, my June quite brothers (especially Mattbv who quit on the same day, and visa who is a day ahead of me).

Just this last weekend I was in a bowfishing tournament. My partner and I were waiting with the rest of the boats for the start of the tournament, so we pulled up next to another team we know just to talk for a minute while we wait. In the middle of conversation a guy on the other boat exclaims “OH SHIT!” while he pats all of his pockets feverishly. I knew the look right away and the feeling of desperation that he felt because he didn’t have his can. It turns out that he put it in the glove box of the boat with his wallet and keys…..a complete tragedy was averted. I am very relieved to no longer have that addiction; I hope that someday soon he too finds the courage to quit because no one should have to live their life as a slave to the nic bitch.

Bottom line is that I am so thankful for all of you. Every day I find something or someone around to remind me how great it is to be quit, and very few instances anymore that remind me of any enjoyment that I got from chewing. I like the person I am without chew and I am embarrassed of the person I was….that simple!

To anyone who is just starting their quit……tuff it out, it’s all worth it; you’re worth it!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jstump

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