I Want To Be Tobacco Free More Than I Want To Be a Prisoner

PrisonersKillTheCan.org member Michael stopped by the official KillTheCan.org Facebook page and posted this:

“Today is the first milestone day for me. Day 100. It has not been without trials and temptations. Each time I pull up to get gas at a quick mart; the place where for years I had purchased my smokeless tobacco, the temptation is right in front of me, but I want to be tobacco free, more than I want to repeat being the prisoner of an addiction. Therefore, I remain stalwart and resolute that I will not retreat and crawl back into the can. I want to thank this organization, who I stumbled upon quite by accident (or was it?) where we can share each others struggle to stay free of what has for years imprisoned us; holding us hostage to our addiction. I would encourage those who are contemplating breaking free from a powerful agent; that this organization has the tools it takes to stay out of bondage.”

Congratulations on the first of many milestones Michael and thanks so much for the kind words.  Proud to be quit with you today!

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