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Why Post Roll Call Daily – TCOPE Breaks It Down

Roll Call At KillTheCan.orgPosting Roll – I choose to post roll every day. It’s as normal as taking a dump or having a cup of coffee. Why do I continue to do this well into my 5th year of freedom from this addiction? For you newbies out there, I’ll tell you.

  1. I do it for myself. I know from being around this site for so long that posting roll is the cornerstone of a person’s quit. It is EVERYTHING in the beginning and is a sense of comfort as you progress years into your quit. I’m 99.99% sure that I will NEVER, EVER use tobacco again. I keep coming back for that 0.01% because I know if I make that simple promise each day then I can and will remain free. I know you guys will hold me accountable. The only people that I know that cave are people that quit posting roll. It is that simple. I won’t be one of those people.
  2. Pay it back… You’ve heard the story a hundred times but i REALLY suffered in trying to quit this shit. I sincerely want to help someone else. I remember those days and how horrible they were. This site is the ONLY thing that made me successful in my quit. I OWE it something and that something is trying to be a very, very small piece of that amazing web of support and help.
  3. Many of the closest friends that I have made in my life are in here.  Some of them I haven’t even met in person. That sense of brotherhood is a big reason that I remain….

Whatever YOUR reasons for posting roll are I hope you continue to do it. In the early weeks/months of your quit it will be the MOST important thing you do each day. As you progress, I hope you see the value of continuing on. If not I’m sure I’ll see you back in here with your tail between your legs as a caver and pure example of what happens when you quit posting roll.  That one small gest of posting roll that takes less than a minute a day can and will be the breaking line of if some of you make it or not.
Don’t take the chance. Post up….

My promise is here today in the form of a simple phrase:
TCOPE = 1900… today I promise not to use tobacco. One day at a time….

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member TCOPE

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