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It Gets Better – Trapper

KTC Logo BlueIT GETS BETTER!!, These are the first words I heard on this site. Keep in mind when I found this site I had 54 days of quit under my belt. Now how did I get here? That’s a long story, I won’t go into all the details but my ride on the tobacco wagon started when I was 15 years old. That was in 1967, I didn’t chew I smoked cigs cause it was cool! So I was told! I was young, dumb and full of you know what.

Here’s the stupid part, I have attempted to quit twice before, both times for more than 3 years 1975-78, 1988-91, I gave up Cigarette’s in 75 and started chewing in 78, what a f-ing retard. 88 to 91 failed also, The bitch had me in an under the hip weenie grip and wasn’t going to let go, Actually I never did want to quit, cause I absolutely enjoyed it. But after trying I knew what kind of hold she had over me.

That brings me to why now?? A couple of reasons, I’m currently paying over $700.00 a month for health insurance ( f-ing thieves) this is on me only. Reason number 2 in December of 08, I had a checkup/physical, found my blood pressure was a little high as well as my cholesterol and pulse. According to my doctor not a big deal, but he recommended maybe I consider giving up tobacco, after all he didn’t want to be the one that says I told you so if anything ever did happen. The blood pressure and cholesterol findings were a little disconcerting and gave me cause to seriously consider quitting along with what this physical report was going to do to my health insurance premiums,

After some discussion with my family and deep sole searching I selected the new year as a good quit date, 1/1/09.

Now how I got here. Since I quit on the 1st I had been cruising the internet reading everything I could find on nicotine addiction, I was amazed at the information I was coming up with, pretty shocking shit. Then quite by accident I found a link that brought me here, The first thing I did was go to the live chat, cause I was just going to observe for awhile and see what was being discussed. Someone saw this FNG (fucking new guy) log in and said HI, I went aw shit interaction, now what, so I asked sincerely How Long does this feeling last? I think it was Hydro who responded IT GETS BETTER hang in there, and so the discussion began that led to the registration and to Posting roll and to the promise to stay quit no matter what.

As I stated earlier, I came here with 54 days of quit under my belt, not that I was having a real bad time. There were ups and downs, mostly downs and I was hanging in there pretty good, but thank God I found this site, the ride has been soooo much easier. I think we as addicts try and replace one addiction with another, I am proud say that I have replaced my tobacco addiction with all of you MF’ers and am grateful for this new addiction. I personally want to thank everyone on this site for the support I have received and making this ride tolerable. Kudos to all. Its great to be NIC free,

Addicted to KTC

P.S Since I have quit my blood pressure and pulse dropped over 20 points, no longer a risk, the cholesterol ( working on it).

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Trapper

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