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It’s a Start – DizzyDude’s Journey to Quit

KTC Logo - RedI have been dipping Copenhagen for so long that I had actually given up on telling myself the lie that I was going to try to quit someday. Like many quitters here, I started in high school for reasons I no longer recall. Other than a 2 year hiatus after my twin daughters were born, I have lived the last 33 years with a dip in my face.

I suffer from vertigo that has been affecting me for a number of years now. After 3 different specialists were unable to have a positive effect on this dizzy condition, my wife suggested that perhaps nicotine had something to do with it. She is the one that found KTC while looking for fake dip and sent me the KTC URL. Being now desperate to get rid of this dizziness, I took a look at what was there and the links to some really nasty mouth cancer pictures. I was now intrigued.

I managed to get registered on KTC and post day number 2 in the December 2010 forum on September 3rd. The journey has begun.

I had a lot of help getting though those first 100 days from a lot of very good people. And they always seem to show up right when I needed them most. Often it was a simple PM encouraging me to stay strong, pass out digits, or arrange to meet for a beer. Sometimes it was seeing someone call out my name in roll. I often enjoyed the dip drama that pops up within the first couple of months, and even the occasional troll who would get a good slap down where the wise words of the vets that would eventually come in and smooth things out again.

Thanks to all members of the GUARD for this 1st 100 days. Thanks to #1crabbr, Rkymtnman, Niwot, TCOPE, AJT, and all the vets that posted their support with the GUARD. You have all served to make this first 100 days bearable. I don’t believe that I will ever be cured of this addiction. All I can do is stay quit today, since I have posted my promise that I would. I will look at tomorrow when it gets here.

I still am effected by the vertigo but have gained heath, family time, and control of my life. I am sure that I will find a cure for this vertigo someday. Even though nicotine is not the cause, KTC has taught me that anything can happen with the proper motivation and support.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DizzyDude

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