2018 HOF Speeches

Jmed’s HOF Speech

HOF Knife New Pic 500x500I have spent the last two weeks after reaching HOF thinking of ways to write my thoughts down. It’s been a crazy roller coaster of feelings. I have had moments where I laughed at the though of having a dip, and have had moments where It’s taken everything in me not to buy a can of chew.

My reasons for quitting had always been for me being there for my family. Last thing I wanted was a selfish habit to ruin my life and theirs. I have quit many of times for short durations. This time though, I discovered KTC.

I might be over a hundred days even quit if had not found KTC, but there were many times that I depended on my group and fellow supporters of my group to keep on going. KTC taught me that quitting nic is just as important as anything else in my life. I believe without KTC, the tools it had to support quitters, and the fellow support from everyone, I may not have made it this far.

I learned quick that you quit one day at a time. Telling yourself that you will never chew again will drive you insane, but I found that one day quit is easier to think about. It has gotten better, I feel confident at this point about my quit and can handle urges better than early on in my quit. Always have your guard up. Life throws curve balls at unexpected times.

I give a lot of credit to the support I had on KTC, especially in my group.

Drbottux, Lumberguy67, Mike2017a, and Josh605, were there constantly in my own quit. Thanks for the support.

Everyone in my group is a champ, keep quit y’all.

Thanks Bojax for the support you have give. from outside the Feb group. Thanks to everyone supporting us in Feb 18.

I will continue supporting my group and newer quitters as time passes. I will continue my quit one day at a time and hope that those reading this understand that they are not a slave to chew. 9 years of feeling like I had to have a dip. NINE! It disgusts me. I will have highs and lows as I continue, but am grateful today that I am dip free and enjoying life without nicotine.

Quit on!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jmedic30

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