2018 HOF Speeches

Josh’s HOF Speech

Josh605 avatarMy name is Josh and I have been nicotine free for 100 days. I work as a lineman in my state and LOVE my job. I always wondered how my HOF speech would go. I had a pretty badass one typed out I worked on for 3 or 4 days. I finished it and then trashed it. Where do I start?

There’s many people I have to think for helping me get to where I am today. Natro, CNC, SRains, RedTexan, Dogonhunt, DBG, Pab, Lumber, Doc. These guys helped me out a lot and one day I owe every single one of y’all a cold beverage, coke or beer, or whatever it is you sip on.

I found my way to the February pre-HOF group due to a cave back in November of 17. Boy, what a shit show that was in here for a few days. I started off my KTC journey as a FURY. And I have to admit, every single one of those guys in there I still see as family. Some of my closest friends that I talk to every day are in there. I still like to go see and talk to the FURY Council sometimes. Just be sure to dodge the flying beer mug when you walk in the front door. And don’t forget to wipe your damn feet!! I always smell of whiskey, gun powder, and bad decisions when I leave there. And I love it. January, you guys rock. And I love yall. And I will 110% have yalls back 100% of the time I don’t give a shit what it’s about I will step up to the plate for y’all every time. As I know y’all would for me.

I can’t forget about my brothers in February. The fucking Catalina wine mixers, I mean febbin. POW!! Doc, Lumber, Law. This whole group. Y’all are fucking rockstars. Im proud to be quit with y’all every day. And I also have yalls back through thick and thin shit alike. I am honored to be able to claim as a FCWM.

The whole speech thing feels weird to me. Idk I thought I had it figured out but I don’t. I’m just an addict that has been given the privilege to write something on 100 days. I show up everyday to support my brothers and they do the same for me. By the way, speaking of showing up everyday, how about the Febs being 100% on roll again yesterday, great job men.

I’m sure I missed a shout out along the way. And if I did I’m sorry. But that’s where I stand for the time being. ODAAT got me to where I am today and I plan on utilizing the same method to get me to the next number they tell me is a milestone. Quit on brothers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Lumberguy67

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