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Just Stick To It

CBird65 avatarI start dipping snuff at the age of 12 and mostly Copenhagen for the last 35 years- until 12/31/2011. All of my adult decisions have been made “under the influence” – let that sink in. The decision making patterns of my adult life have also been wrapped around nicotine.

Finding this site on day 3 of my quit, I quickly learned:

  • Post roll every-day
  • Keep your word
  • Repeat

Posting roll call is second nature now. I am almost afraid not to post for fear it might start a downward spiral. Roll call will build accountability with your brothers. You know that the man next to you in line is going through or has dealt with the exact same things you are. Lean on the knowledge of those who have walked that road. Develop relationships with them and especially the guys in your home group. These people can save your life if you let them.

Add another layer of accountability to your quit. Tell everyone around you that you are quit and ask for their support. Involve your wife, immediate family or anyone else’s life you influence in your quit plan. Demand that your “buddies” respect your decision. If they don’t, they aren’t you buddies. Protect your quit at all costs

Get involved in your group. Thanks to the vet for the help in getting the tracker started- I want to be like you when my quit grows up. The guys/gals you work with will impact your life regardless of age if you allow them. Find a way to help, encourage or plant a boot in someone’s backside if needed. You will be amazed while helping someone else out, your quit gets stronger and you beat this deadly habit one more time.

Absorb the brunt of someone’s rage without blowing up, even if it wasn’t provoked. “It ain’t personal, it’s about the quit.”

This roller coaster we’re on changes all the time. Keep one eye on the rear view mirror to stay grounded and never think you have finally conquered this addiction. We must learn from the past while looking forward to navigate around the upcoming pot holes.

The truth of the matter, our former addiction is not dead nor has it decided to give any of us a free ride to HOF or beyond. It doesn’t care what day you are on 1, 100, 1000, 10,000- if it can get you to slip it wins and you freakin’ lose. It’s lurking in the background, just waiting for a tiny gap to pollute us again. It will wear disguises to try to worm its way back into our lives. Just one, it’s okay, you deserve it for doing so well. Plug in any ‘conditional situation’ you want but the answer must always be NO!

Finally, quit is quit. It has finality in its meaning. While we do not use the word forever here, we keep looking forward and NEVER put too much value on achieving the next milestone. HOF, 1 year, 2 year, yes they are milestone markers. They will remind us we are on the right path!

I have purposely not mentioned specific names that have impacted my quit. There just isn’t enough pace or time to give them the recognition they justly deserve. I will thank God for directing me here and for the opportunity to be quit with all of you. Lastly, to my loving wife, who prayed that I would quit and was a great source of encouragement, I love you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member CBird65

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