2018 HOF Speeches

Kactiz HOF Speech

KTC Logo Blue NewWell I did it! I made a 100!!!

I will start by saying that I’m disappointed that it took me twice on this site. My first go at my quit and using this site was Dec 17. I didn’t take it serious, I wasn’t here everyday and I didn’t reach out to people when times got tough. I was weak and not serious. Most of all I let the Dec 17 brothers down.

I continued to dip and put crap in my lip until I finally said enough and wanted to be free from this cancer trap. I was tired of dip controlling me. I was finally all in. This time I was determined, I was involved, and I was committed. I never missed Roll, and I gave out my number and reached out on a regular basis. This site was extremely helpful and an absolute blessing for me and my quit.

I had some difficult stress issues through this 100 days that would normally made it so easy to cave. Family events, college, camping, hunting, job related stress(I’m a firefighter) we’re always there but I took it one day at a time. But i wasn’t caving I knew that I made a promise and my other Dec brothers made a promise with me and I wasn’t going to let them down.

I feel better, I have a better relationship with my wife, I’m healthier, and my bank account looks better all because of KTC and it’s amazing community of quitters. We all have the same struggle but we’re doing it together one day at a time.

Be involved, put in the effort and stay quit!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Kactiz

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