A Look at an Addict’s Past, Present and Future

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I’m writing this “speech” for others as well as myself; for literally anyone who has interest in reading about my experience. I’m writing this to have something to look back on days, months, or years down the road as yet another piece of “ammunition” to protect myself from my addiction. … Continue reading

HOF Speech – 100 Days Of Freedom

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The decision to become quit was easy, the thought of the struggle I would endure was what always kept me from the freedom. My life as revolved around nicotine…. Driving/after a meal/hunting/fishing/working/running- You name it… a chew was great at all times. It satisfied my appetite, it cooled my emotions/stress… … Continue reading

Anxiety When You Quit Dipping – Dealing With Stress


Anxiety and stress and VERY common side effects of quitting dip and smokeless tobacco.  The physical withdrawal that accompanies smokeless tobacco cessation is something that nearly every quitter deals with.  If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. Anxiety, or stress associated with your quit, takes many people by surprise.  For so … Continue reading