2011 HOF Speeches

Lost and Found

MySize avatarI’m not too sure where I’ll be going with this whole speech thing. I can write out a whole speech that sounds nice and classy, but fuck it. You guys need the truth. Listen, you can overcome addiction. All you need is motivation, discipline and determination. All it takes is saying no and pushing on. It’s your addiction and it’s your responsibility to fix it, but only if you want to. The fucking cravings will never go away, they just get easier to deal with.

That shit that you put into your mouth is straight fucking cancer. And if you continue to put that shit in your mouth, one day you might lose your jaw or your life. We create our own paths, and if you want that then fucking go with it. My words won’t change shit, but hopefully it will influence someone. All it took for me was to throw the can away, post roll and say no. I didn’t have anyone there holding my hand. I actually had everyday occurrences of friends offering me a dip, and all it took was for me to say no. I filled my addiction with seeds and fake chew until I could fill it with my own motivation.

We’re on the road to death; it’s up to you if you want that death to be ever closer

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MySize

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5 years ago

My name is Nate. I am 31. I’ve been dipping on and off for about twelve years. Though like most of us… I have been more on than off in the past. Ive finally told myself I’ve had enough and I’m ready to be free. I’m 9 days into my quit and feeling pretty good. I want to go get checked out for Me and my family’s sake. Doc can’t see me for three weeks though. Been really taking care of myself in the oral hygiene department, and trying to improve my oral health which really isn’t that bad since been dipping for twelve. I have no sores or anything that seems out of ordinary. I am aware of the symptoms of quit and understand that I Am experiencing some currently such as fog and dip dream. My throat does not seem overly sore but I guess best way to describe it is it kinda feels like I’ve come inside from the cold weather after shoveling the driveway. Anyone ever experience this? Is it normal? Hoping to ease my mind before I go to see the doc. Thanks and stay quit!

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