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Lost Soul To an Addict – Jhaenel23 Ode To a Quit!

jhaenel23 avatarOCTOBER 22, 2012 11:00AM

At this point I am over 12 hours into my quit. Most importantly I have already skipped my shower, drive to work and Mid-Morning chews!! Cell Phone is buzzing on the desk…..door to my office is shut AND locked!!!! I am staring at the wall straight in front of me contimplating if I could kill my boss and not get caught??! Women and Children would not be safe if they were to cross my path at this point!! “That’s It!!!”……”I cannot do this……….What was I thinking??” I called my best friend Razz and told him I had tried my best but this shit was not for me. “Have you logged onto KTC yet?” No, What are a bunch of strangers going to do for me? Plus, i hate fucking message board nerds! Thru persistant urging and a few threats, I was logged on, had a name and was cruising the site. 11:22 I made my first Pledge to The Jackwagins and the rest is History!!

I really didnt have a specific reason to QUIT other than I knew it was the right thing to do. I realized at the age of 36 that I had been chewing as long as I had not chewed. That is friggin ridiculous! I had hidden chewing from every woman that I had dated or married in my adult life!! I had hidden or atleast not acknowledged the habit with my family. Now, my little cousins are chewing because they thought I was cool by chewing!! WTF!!! I am ruining lives one chew at a time. I could’nt confront or offer advice because I was still using!! ENOUGH!!!!

They say that things happen in cycles. We tend to follow in the footsteps of the ones who came before us. Well this cycle in my family stops right here!! I will address everyone I care about or has the balls to come on this site about their Quit! The first step is accepting that you are out of control of your habit! YOU ARE AN ADDICT!! The sooner you accept this fact the sooner you will suck it up and quit. One chew a day to One Can a day……..YOU ARE AN ADDICT!!

1.Post Roll Early AM.
2.Write and Intro!
3.Get Lifelines! Email addresses, phone numbers etc etc
4.Live Chat.
5.Keep your word

I was on this site for 4 days straight! Reading every Intro, HOF Speech and Article I could find! I owe nearly everything to this site and the support group that it brings! This shit works!!! If you want help it is here. All you have to do is ask.

I would need to thank 14,000+ peeps for making the KTC happen but I will forget someone. So I will name three!! Razz (Three Baller) for being a stubborn prick and for showing me this wonderful place. You are my best friend and I miss you brother! Ajameison (Jackwagin) for being the little shit you are and for texting me every morning for 109 days now and for keeping your promise you made to me! Tride and True!! And Finally Sportsfan…….Like I have said before, you are my “Ambassador of Quit!” Without your Text messages and phone calls I would have never made it. I want to go on and on because I know you hate this shit!!

All the ingredients for a Freedom Filled life are here…….All you have to do is add the QUIT!!

Justin (JAN13′ JackWagins)

Stay in the QUIT…..Fuck The Nic!!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jhaenel23

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