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What Was the Biggest or Craziest Lie Your Addict Brain Had You Believe?

Quitter Question of the Day is a new feature here on the site. On a (somewhat) daily basis we pose a question / reflection on the forums. I’m going to be archiving the questions here on the site as well. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and if you’ve got a suggestion for an upcoming question please contact us!

Addict Brain

Question / Reflection of the Day: What was the biggest or craziest lie your addict brain had you believe?

  • I’ll start. For me, anyone who bought dip in logs or cigarettes in cartons was “more addicted” than me who only ever purchased one can at a time. I could stop whenever I wanted but them?? They were truly addicts.
  • Many of my baseball buddies dipped, and had dipped for many years.  I told myself, shit, they’ve all chewed way longer than me, and they’re just fine.  I have nothing to worry about. That, and never looking at pictures of what happens to people who lose part of their face from chewing tobacco.  I lied to myself on the daily.  Never happen to me. 81 days quit! NAFAR
  • That I could never quit as long as my SigO was still smoking.  I figured that we would have to quit together if either stood a chance.  Can you imagine the odds of two addicted people deciding to quit at the same time?  What odds would that be – a million to one?  Guess that way my addict brain knew it was safe from me doing something really hard like quitting. And yes, I did quit alone and, sadly, my SigO is still smoking almost 5 years later.  It can be done.
  • That if I just cut back it is not so bad. “I use to chew one can a day now I go through a can every two days.” That prolonged my quit for nearly another year. Either shit or get .  . . Now I realized there is no other choice.
  • Bandits will let my mouth ‘heal’ while I’ve got this really sore spot. SMFH.
  • Pouches are better for you than straight dip.
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