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March 2020 Ask an Expert Hosts

Ask An Expert

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights we are hosting “Ask an Expert” sessions in the KTC chat room ( from 9pm-10pm (eastern time).

To host an Ask an Expert session you need to be a comma club member (which means you have at least 1,000 days quit.) A Hall of Famer (minimum of 100 days quit) can be a co-host as long as the session includes a comma club member.

March 2, 2020 – Monday

FishFlorida (Dave)
Dave is 48 years old. He’s engaged to the love of his life, and is getting married in June. He loves to fish, but fishing is still his biggest trigger. Dave has dipped for 32 years. Posting his promise daily is the thing that gets him through the day. He has over 1,350 days quit.

March 4, 2020 – Wednesday

Franpro (Russ)
Russ is 58 years old, has been married 34 years, and has 3 grown boys. He has been addicted to nicotine for 12 years, and has been quit for over 4900 days. Russ is part of the original gang that started KTC. He was the first moderator and then the first replacement admin within a year of starting the site.

Nomore1959 (Henry)
Henry is a 60 year old nicotine addict who spent over 35 years eating a can a day of Copenhagen. He’s a software executive by day, and model railroader and duck hunter in his free time. He makes loud noises on his bass guitar. He grew up in Texas, then Missouri, and went to college at Yale University. Henry quit for over 1670 days. He is delighted to be quit with you.

March 06, 2020 – Friday

Justin J
Justin is 39 years old, married, and has three boys ages 2, 4, and 15, He works as a Agronomy applicator in Northwest Iowa. He started dipping at 16, and was hopelessly addicted for 20 years… He was dipping a can a day of skoal. Today he is over 1140 days quit.

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