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Uncharted Territory – Our Community is Ready

KTC Uncharted Territory

We are entering uncharted territory in the United States. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has arrived and we’re at the very beginning of what potentially looks to be an extended period of disruption to our daily lives. Whether you think this story is being overblown of you’re all in, the reality is our lives are going to be affected. The idea of ‘social distancing’ is very real which means millions of people will be turning toward virtual tools to conduct their business and to go about their lives.

Luckily at KTC we’ve been developing and improving these tools for more than a decade now. Our forums ( already have thousands of members who’s primary goal is to QUIT SMOKELESS TOBACCO. But rest assured, there are THOUSANDS of discussions that have nothing to dipping. Health, religion, politics, video games, movies and yes… even COVID-19. If you’re a quitter and you’re looking for a virtual community to start or continue to quit there isn’t a better one out there.

We have a live chat ( where you can chat in REAL TIME to other quitters around the world.

Our social media channels have THOUSANDS of followers / friends – we’ve love to have you there.

Social media has some downsides (lots of trolls) but with limited face to face interaction in our future there’s a real possibility that social can shine (just don’t be an asshole).

EVERY single page and article on our site has a comments section. Have conversations there… get to know people. Interact. This WILL help your quit. 

Post roll on our blog – – in addition to your promise you can start a conversation in the comments section there too.

Stay quit folks… adding another problem (addiction) to an already stressful situation won’t help matters.

Be a quitter… Proud to be quit with you today. We’ll get through this together.

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