2018 HOF Speeches

MattyB’s HOF Speech

KTC Logo Sepia NewWell Well Well. Here I sit at day 145. In 5 days will be the longest I have stayed quit in over 18 years. I was going to wait till day 151 but what the hell. I do what I want.

I actually didn’t even join KTC until day 51 of this quit and have posted roll E.D.D since. I spent the first 51 days of this quit debating if this would be my last. Looking through the what to expect for the first 100 days on KTC but never signed up and joined a quit group. Just as I had for multiple quits in the past. Day 51 was the difference in this quit unlike any other. I actually knew I needed the accountability and taking the plunge to sign in was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Sure it was weird joining a group that had been together through some of the toughest parts of quit but it didn’t matter. Best thing I can tell anyone looking at joining a quit group or who is in a quit group and thinking of bouncing is TAKE WHAT YOU NEED OUT OF THIS SITE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR QUIT AND LEAVE THE REST OF THE BULLSHIT ALONE!!!! This site is here to help you with YOUR quit! Don’t let anyone take that from you! Also, pay it forward! It amazes me the amount of help from guys who have been quit for years, that still post EDD.

Well back to my HOF. Day 100 to me was just like day 99 and day 98. It is just another step forward to my quit. I know how easy it can be to go buy a tin of cope but the accountability and brotherhood that I have built with some of you cannot be thrown away!

I joined a quit group to help me in my quit and in return I am able to help others in their quit; which makes my quit that much stronger!

I know around day 120 when out of no where I had a craving to put that shit back in my lip I was glad I had my core group to reach out to. Not that I would’ve bought one but who knows without the accountability I have built around me. She “the nic bitch” is waiting right around the corner so remember even after you hit HOF there are going to be triggers and temptations but for me I know I have over a dozen people I can reach out to and they will talk me off any ledge.

Thanks KTC for being here!

Thanks to the FURY for being the FURY!

Thanks to the others who hit me up daily as well!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MattyB

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