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My Climb To Triple Digits

KTC Logo Green YellowMy my 100 days. I did get my bottle of lagavulin boys and its the sweetest scotch that has ever touched my lips. Drinkin it as I type!

Anyways my story of how I developed this terrible habit is nothing special. I had just moved out to Alberta from British Columbia during the summer of 1999. I was just starting grade 12 and didnt know a soul. Here’s the thing everyone chewed. And when I say everyone that ment the teacher as well.

Now i’m not proud of this but in a desparate attempt to fit in and make some new friends, i bought a tin of Copenhagen and took it to school one day.

That day sitting there i put in the hugest chew I could muster. Managed to make it through mechanics but as soon as that bell rang I ran to the bathroom at mach 5 and proceeded to blow chunks all through my next class. I laugh about it now but I dont even know why I kept at it. It made me so sick for the longest time. Until one day I didnt get sick anymore. Then eventually I got so good at it that I didnt even use a spittoon anymore. I swallowed Cope juice like a badge of honour cause so few of my friends could stomach it. I was a “man”. From then on, the only time I was not chewing was when I was sleeping or eating. I became a man possessed.

Fast forward ten years to December 10, 2008. I am sitting in the dentist’s office ending another tedious visit. He takes his mask off and kneels beside me so that we’re face to face. And he says to me “do you know that your bottom teeth are coming loose and that you are in need of gum graphs??”

My jaw drops and my heart sinks.

“You really really need to stop your habit.” anyways i was dumb founded. I got home and flushed my fresh tin. I sat and pondered how Lady Copenhagen could suddenly stab me in the back.

I am aware that I will always be an addict. So there is no JUST ONE DIP for you rookie quitters out there. Stay vigilant and help eachother. Because if I didnt have a number to call in my time of need then I would not be writting this speech. Get numbers you rookies. Get all the numbers you can get a backup for the backup for the backup number.

I’m not gonna gents I was sceptical when i came across this site.

I have quit in the past, but I let the nic bitch whisper in my ear… just one… one wont hurt… you’re quit. Im sure we have all been the victim of that lie at one time or another.

But here I am 100 days later and chew free. I love life without having to worry about my curse. And I will spend the rest of my day’s holding it at bay. And helping anyone else brave enough to walk this path.

Huge thanks to all of March!!

Jwendall – The reason i’m still chew free. Thank you for being there when I needed a helping hand. I owe you my quit.

Pinch – You are a hell of a quit brother my friend. On my way down to Elvis’s house one day I will have to stop where ever you happen to be and drink a few beers with you.

Lance – You sure listened to me bitch in the beggining man thanks for your patience and extending a sympathetic ear.

For anyone i have forgotten my apologies. And for those of you that i never really got to sit and talk with, I look very much forward to getting to know all of you better. It has been an honour to share the quit with March. Thanks again and God Bless.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Raven

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