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My Quit Can Strengthen Yours

KTC Logo Green YellowDuring my quit I think I have read just about all the HOF speeches, and most of them seem to have a pattern. Middle aged guy with kids who decides to chew in front of them and then becomes ashamed when their kids give them dirty looks(sound about accurate?) . Like most of you all I started dip in high school and I gotta admit I loved it, but didn’t we all. For me there really was no turning tide that made my decision to stop. I am only 19 years old, but for lack of better terms I just got tired of it. I grew tired of my gums constantly being fucked up, I hated hiding it from people, and I really hated forking out my hard earned money. Dipping no longer become something special to do while out fishing hunting, it became a necessity to anything that I did.

So my journey began mid July, and actually the ensuing 3 days were not as bad on me as the ones following. It was around day 5-6 that shit started to really suck. I honestly got into my truck with intentions to go buy a can, but something stopped me. Im not sure what because 99% of me was saying fuck it, but I guess that 1% was the one that was ringing true. That was around when I found KTC. I joined up and entered the chat room, and was pleasantly welcomed by NMC. From their it just started clicking. Sure I had days that totally sucked, but I took comfort in knowing that some where else one of my bros or sis’s were going through the same thing.

So thats why my speech is titled “My quit can strengthen yours”. Because it can. You all don’t really know me and I don’t know you, but seeing my name and number will help you fight through whatever petty shit is happening. I remember having a really bad dip dream that I caved, and having to go and tell Russ and Done what I had done, and it scared the shit out me. Made me a really happy man when I woke up.

So whats next for me. Simple, a new life without addiction. I am fully aware that the craves and longing are not over. Fuck I had a crave today on my HOF none the less. But to a potential quitter, believe me its all worth it. Learn to embrace the pain you are feeling and stick with your plan. In ending I would to thank all the quitters in October 2009, without all of you I would not have made it. And special thanks to Done and Russ, I cant wait to see all of you at 200.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Matt81390

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