2008 HOF Speeches

My Quit… Gracie’s HOF Speech

KTC Logo Sepiawow…. lets see i was a little nervous writing this…

for starters im grace… aka amazing.. from tx… it all started about 126 days ago… I had decided i was going to quit smoking… again anways.. i was so tired of depending on a cig in the morning on the way to work.. after lunch as soon as i got off work.. and after dinner.. and before bed.. i was miserable.. i had tried everything the gum, the patch on my ass(inside joke), so i decided i would google it on my handy laptop .. stop smoking.. and the only reason i didnt join a smoking chat is i didnt have java at work.. so i went to the next website and killthecan.org came up.. so i clicked on it.. then clicked on livechat.. within seconds people were tellin me that nic is nic its all a bitch, join our site and become part of the family.. so i did.. everyone seem very caring…

I went 26 days of nic free… and yes one day i caved… and i thought i would never be able to show myself on this site again.. but i came back and confessed..the only one who made me have tears was SD he was very harash… but for good reasoning.. made me think about alot of things.. so i started over day one…. talk about hell… all the withdrawls again.. chewed pens, straws surprised i dont have foss teeth already… and im 19!

Have i mentioned all the people that has supported me through this time? Timmay.. haha where do i start… 1st time i talked to you.. totally thought you were this huge old perve… and even though u might be a perve… your always texting me makin sure im quit days im not on chat… and always there to support me.. and i thank you for that..
fal, bubbbles… sd, bill so many others… chewie.. franpro..
I can honestly say that i would not be quit today if it wasent for all of yall and this site… This site is very addicting.. so glad newbies are here… i cant believe im not a newbie anymore!
thanks again for everything im so proud of myself!

smoking is slow sucide…

yours truely,

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member gracie19

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