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Never Thought This Day Would Come

KillTheCan LogoI remember when I began dipping. I was actually with my wrestling buddies at lunch during school (You see a bunch of wrestlers dipped to drop weight so I thought to join the crowd) It was 4 years ago and one of buddies decided to offer me a pinch. I remember taking it and getting that awful, but great buzz. I was hooked from there on out.

Sure, I would quit for a month or so and think I was done for good. But something would always bring me back to it, that crap that was killing me. When I even got to college I was still doing it. I remember at one point I was thinking I would never quit dipping. I was truly addicted to snuff.

I kept denying it and kept telling myself that it wasn’t my fault and wrestling got me hooked to dip and kept blaming everyone, but myself.

That’s when I stumbled upon KTC. I was looking around at ways to quit dipping online and then suddenly KTC just came up. That’s when all the good things started. At first I was doing the same, blaming everyone (wrestling, buddies, etc.) but myself. But nobody was havin it here and that’s when I realized I needed to change my thought process. Nobody else was at fault, but me. I took the first pinch and I kept dipping it and I was addicted to it. That’s when I knew I could truly quit for good. KTC was my savior in killing the can.

What was amazing was that my June 2011 brothers and supporters were there to help me. I always posted roll because I didn’t want to disappoint what most people would think as total strangers to me. But you all are not strangers to me, you are my brothers and sisters in this fight to beat the nic bitch inside of us. I thank everyone on KTC for helping me to quit this addiction that would have eventually killed me. Here’s to successful quit for everyone (new and old) that are fighting this addiction. Glad to be here, in the hall of fame, but it’s not over. This fight will go on forever, but as long as I got KTC to help me through it, I know I can beat it.

Best Regards,


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member college_boy

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