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Nicotine – Changing Brain Chemistry

Brain Chemistry

Nicotine will do some crazy things to your body and more specifically your brain. It will do some even crazier things when you quit dipping. We’ve put together a remarkably accurate timeline of What To Expect When You Quit Dipping with input of THOUSANDS of quitters over the years. One thing we know… nicotine is our enemy. And we’re willing to fight to stay free from it.

Check out this recent post from Samrs in our URGENT NEED HELP NOW thread from our Discord Server. You are NOT alone folks!

Nicotine Use and Addiction - 2.7.2022

Nicotine use and addiction actually changes brain chemistry. Serotonin is the substance your brain produces when it’s happy. Nicotine stimulates serotonin production at first. Over time, and with continued use, it overstimulates and your brain becomes used to higher levels of serotonin than you can produce naturally.

You literally get to the point where you cannot be in a good mood without a certain level of nicotine in your system.

Get rid of the nicotine, and you will feel down, depressed, frustrated, angry. You want to be happy, and at this point, your brain is not capable of producing what it needs to be happy.

Here’s the good news: you brain is healing. It will adjust itself to work with natural levels of serotonin again. It just takes time. Your brain is starting to rewire itself. We’re here to help you through that period, and beyond. Recovery takes takes time and support. Read the invitation-to-join and about roll-call and how-to-post-roll in the Welcome Center area and get connected with your quit group today.

It’s not easy – but it is easier with support, and it is absolutely worth it.

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