2018 HOF Speeches

NvrAlone’s HOF Speech

KTC SeatbeltI have no idea where to start. Not a clue. I cannot write eloquently and I can barely put a sentence together, much less a speech. All I can hope to convey is that there is hope. There is a possibility to wake up every day and not put a pinch of shit in your mouth. One day at a time.

As I have mentioned before, I am an addict. I have been clean off of alcohol and drugs since 1991. I have been able to do this thru a support group of fellow addicts and the mindset of not using dope “Just for Today”.

This one day at a time thing has worked for me so far. Why wouldn’t it work for me with nicotine? The support group in KTC is awesome! A bunch of people from all walks of life, trying to help each other stay clean from nicotine. The moment that I “tripped” on to the KTC site, I was welcomed. I was told (suggested) to “rip off the band-aid” and get rid of the patches that I had been using the past several weeks. Thanks CLEalt, you will make a hell of a Walmart greeter someday.

So I have gone from a 1-1/2 cans a day habit to zero a day… Zilch… Nada… I honestly believed that I was going be chewing till the day I died. And that chewing might be the reason that I died. I could not fathom the idea that I could ever kick this nasty ass habit. I woke up first thing and packed it in and it was the last thing that I did every friggin evening. What a miserable friggin life huh?

It has been a friggin roller coaster of a ride for this short 100+ days. The highest of highs and some pretty fucking low moments too. But I was able to reach out to the KTC brothers that gave me their numbers. To the guys on the live chat forum, and to the GroupMe gang. And they helped walk me thru it.
Today (Just for Today) I am free. Free from the active addiction of nicotine. I never thought it was possible. But One Day at a Time it is.

If you are new, do what is suggested. If you are as sick and tired as I was, it is easy. Promise to yourself and to your brothers not to use Just for Today. One Day at a Time.

And if you are a veteran of KTC, thank you! Thanks for paving the way and showing this hope to die addict that there is another way of life. Nicotine Free!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member NvrAlone

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Charles Self
Charles Self
3 years ago

For a person that starts off with “I can’t ‘write eloquently” you have done a hell of a job. I am so proud of you son for the second addiction beating time. Love ya, Dad.

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